Monday, May 23, 2016

The Best Pizza + Island Adventures

Happy Monday!

It is a long weekend, and technically today is my Saturday since I have tomorrow off : ) It is such a nice feeling to sit down at the end of a great day and know that you still have the next day all to yourself.

If you are enjoying the long weekend as well, I hope it was a wonderful one for ya. Today Ryan and I set off for a day trip up island, so today's blog post is kind of a recap of that day.

Warning: TONS of photos ahead!

At about 10:30am we set out on the road for Cathedral Grove. It is about an hour and a half away from us, so we had coffee in hand and stopped at Starbucks for breakfast on the go while en route. The drive is mostly highway, and as you approach Cathedral Grove, the road is a little bit more narrow and windy.

The park is essentially a loop route that takes you through old growth forest. At one point we also reached a little creek (river? I'm not sure) that we hopped over - cue me missing the landing spot and half landing in the water in my shoddy black ankle boots that are not water proof - and then eventually found another opening to the main trail. #Adventuretime

We stopped to take lots of pictures as we walked along the trail, and I was amazed at home many trees had fallen over and completely uprooted. The root systems of these trees are so incredible! Nature is a pretty neat thing, I tell you.

So neat that sometimes you just gotta climb on the tree and pose!

There is something about being in the forest that is very calming. Although I was born on Vancouver Island, there are SO many spots that I have yet to visit. Ryan and I are making it our mission (decided right now) to visit as many places as we can. We really aren't too far away from everything, as most parks are simply a drive away, and it is fun to just GET OUT THERE and EXPLORE! A little exploring never hurt nobody ; )

If you are in the Vancouver Island area, or perhaps come here for a vacation or to visit friends or family, I recommend checking out Cathedral Grove!

After we were finished at Cathedral Grove, we drove back towards Coombs to wander around the shops and grab some lunch.

We stopped at Cuckoo, which was an amazing little Italian spot that had the BEST. PIZZA. EVER! Seriously amazing. And the bread basket was amazing. And the patio was adorable. And, and, and!

I fell in love with the marble tables too, of course. Ryan, on the other hand, fell for the wooden tables (below), which are quite cool as well. There were lights strung on the trees (you can kind of see them in the picture below), and the weather was perfect for sitting outside.

Note the butter knife on the ground. The server did pick that up, ha ha!

Sooo... Let's get to the good stuff. The FOOD!

Ryan and I both ordered pizzas.

Let me tell you.

They were TO DIE FOR, in case you didn't get that hint already.

Ryan's pizza had basil, smoked salmon, goat cheese, capers & marinara sauce. I opted for the veggie pizza and it had red peppers, tomato, red onion, grilled eggplant (omg), zucchini, and artichoke hearts with marinara sauce and mozzarella. 

OoOooOoh YES. The crust was paper thin and nice and crispy on the edges, so it went down real easy. Fortunately I had some to take home for later ; )

While in Coombs, we also stopped for ice cream. Wheat and ice cream in the same day. My body is going to be thrilled with me (insert eye roll here). It was worth it, though!

Once we were finished wandering around Coombs, we headed off to the mall to take a gander. I found two pairs of pants for work, and Ryan found a cool tie that had some little anchors on it. Both of us were pooped out when we left the mall, so we grabbed some coffee for the ride home. I was going to go for a run when we got home, but I couldn't find the energy to get out there, even after the coffee. Ah well. I have tomorrow off, so we shall see what the day brings!

That being said, I DO need to kick my training into gear as the Seawheeze is coming up in August. The other day I printed off the training program, and yes I am behind, but I am thinking about going with that training plan as it incorporates different types of work outs to switch things up and prepare you for the half marathon. My motivation lately has been running (ha ha ha) a bit low, so I need something to kick start and re-ignite that flame! As the picture above says, I need to start making more time and less excuses. For instance: my excuse tonight was "well, I am tired from being outside and out of the house all day, and now Simba is curled up on top of me and I am PRETTY SURE I felt a rain drop, so maybe I'll just do it tomorrow." Queen of excuses sometimes, as much as I try to just DO IT! Tomorrow is a new day though and I am probably feeling a bit tired after the day, so I'll sleep on that and hopefully wake up motivated in the morning.

Well, there we are for today! See you in the next one : )

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Four Favourites: Blogger Edition

Throwback to my days of running along the seawall and wearing these oldschool Brooks runners. That reminds me - I need to buy new runners!

Hey party people! A Saturday post? Weird, I know. To be honest, I have been SO wrapped up in another book for the last three days that as soon as I got home from yoga, I was either out on the patio or in my corner of the couch reading. Last night Ryan and I went out for dinner & Caesars and right when I got home it was make up off, bra off, book in my face again. I will have a review up next week! 

I wanted to pop in and share some of the bloggers that I have been loving lately! Being in the blog world myself (not to say I am a big blog, because I am not - yet!) I of course read other bloggers out there and I find so many of them inspiring.

I am going to kick off the list with two long term favourites. I have been reading these blogs for, oh man. Probably over four years now! These are in no particular order as they are ALL fantastic!

Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers was one of the first health and fitness blogs I ever started ringing. I can relate to her love of peanut butter, and she has some fantastic recipes that are not only delicious but easy. Sure, I am all for the fancy shmancy Pinterest recipes, but Julie's recipes are practical for everyday life and you can't go wrong there! As well, Julie and her husband Ryan just had the most adorable baby boy, Chase. She shares her journey of motherhood as well as some pretty killer work outs, too!

I remember years and years ago I was gearing up to run my first 10K. I actually emailed Janae asking for some tips and tricks, and I remember being SO OVERJOYED when my inbox dinged and there was a response from her waiting for me. Janae is huge running motivation and is such a determined athlete. She has been through her fair share of injuries and troubles along the way, but she is such a positive, delightful person and makes you feel that you truly can go out and accomplish your goals no matter what happens. Additionally, her daughter Brooke is absolutely adorable, she loves all things candy (hey girl, me too), and her Friday Favourites are some of my favourite posts!

I discovered Lauryn's blog about a year ago and I am in love. Obsessed. I read it at work, I read it at home, I read it on my phone and now there is an app! Heavenly. Lauryn is the kind of girl you want to be best friends with. She is funny, smart, and always has great lifestyle tips and tricks. Oh, and if you like uncensored life chatter (think lady business talk), then she is the gal for you! I love bloggers that tell it like it is and aren't afraid of talking about taboo topics, and Lauryn is not the type of woman to beat around the bush. She has tons of great information about the business of blogging, which is always something I find interesting.

Okay, so this is another blog I have been obsessed with. Yes, I read this at work too (in my down time people!) and I love her approach to health and wellness. Jordan recently ran a marathon (I would be lying if it didn't make me want to run one too), and she is all about that yoga and balanced life - everything I am about these days! She features everything from beauty and lifestyle to delicious and healthy recipes. Additionally, I could relate to her transition from veganism (in my case being a vegetarian) back to eating meat. Her story is inspiring and I highly recommend checking out her blog!

Well, there you have it! Four of my favourite bloggers as of late. Have you read any of their blogs? Run, don't walk, and check them out right meow!

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Go to Breakfast + Wild Rose Cleanse Day 8 Review

Hello from my little desk here! Side note: that orange/yellow picture has been hung up now. Bless you, handy man Ryan!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. What did you get up to? Anything fun and exciting?

I must admit that the saying, "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." rings true. Since Ryan and I had nothing to do yesterday, we took it nice and easy and got lots done around the house. I even slept in until 9:45am, which is unheard of for me since I am the first one up and about on any other day! The house is spic and span, laundry is done, bedding is washed, and our deck is coming together nicely! The patio furniture is out, BBQ is clean and shiny, and we purchased a few plants for the deck, too.

Voila! The BBQ is on the other side of the deck, but here's a preview of the plant decor.

I am looking forward to drinks on the deck, that's for sure! We also headed to a local cafe for lunch - The Garage Cafe, where I had a rice bowl with steamed veggies like kale, swiss chard, carrots, beets, etc. It was pretty darn tasty and always a go-to choice in our area.

And now we are at today!

My go to breakfast (pretty much everyday): oatmeal with frozen blueberries (or raspberries, or a little bit of both) with almond butter. In my coffee I just take unsweetened almond milk. I used to put stevia in it (or previously flavoured creamer, though we haven't used that in months!), but now I have acquired the taste sans-sweetener. I am not yet finished my book, FYI, though I am hoping I will be done by the end of the day!

This morning was another hot yoga class. I purchased a two week pass, so this is my second week participating in bikram yoga. Truthfully, I do really like it. There is something about being familiar with the poses that is almost comforting, though you can push yourself as much as you feel comfortable during each class. While it is challenging, I feel I have approved immensely since this time last week! Like any exercise, consistency makes a huge difference, and I can attribute that to my practice improving. Will I continue after this week? I am still trying to decide, as the price kind of deters me. If any of you are familiar with hot yoga, you know that it is not exactly budget friendly (depending how big your budget is, of course). Perhaps after this week the benefits will outweigh anything else!

After yoga, I came home to start meal prepping and get cleaned up for day. On the list today: passport pictures (Ryan and I are wanting to go away this summer and of course my passport is totally expired), Home Depot, and the local community farm store - simply because I haven't been there in a while! Mondays are my ME days, and although I loved spending the day uninterrupted with Ryan yesterday, I like being by myself too : ) Gotta have that balance!

Thoughts on the Wild Rose Cleanse, now that I am 8 days into it:

I honestly don't feel too different now as compared to my day to day life. Yes, I do feel less bloated. Yes, you go to the bathroom more often (especially number two. TMI, maybe, but that's what happens when the supplement you're taking is called LAXAHERB, lol!) Yes, my choices are more mindful now that I have a (mostly) structured way of eating. This includes no wheat, flour, dairy, etc. However, those are things I typically don't include in my diet anyway, simply because dairy triggers stomach cramps, aches, and bloating, and both wheat and dairy trigger eczema flare ups for me. I know standard Western medicine hints that eczema is not diet related, though in my experience it 100% is. Usually if something is happening on the surface, that means something internally is out of whack! Anyway, that is another note, but I do find that my eczema flare ups have been slim within the last week because of my diet. Well, that and the hot yoga, probably. Friday marks the last day of my cleanse, so I will either recap it on Friday or on Monday to give you guys an idea of how I feel.

Note: I have not weighed myself while on this cleanse, though I feel any weight that I may have lost is water weight only.

So, there's the update for you! I hope you all have a lovely evening & we will chat later : )

Friday, May 13, 2016

Telling Your Inner Critic to SHUT UP!

Good evening, friends!

Happy Friday to all of you who have the weekend ahead : ) I am almost there! One more day, and then Sunday and Monday is mine to enjoy.

This weekend is the first weekend in a while where we haven't had anything to do. Does anyone else get excited at this thought? No where to be, no pressing plans, the whole day to do whatever!

One of my goals this weekend is to finish the book I am reading. I have been really enjoying it. In fact, I have been enjoying it so much that on my lunch breaks at work I take my book outside and read in the sunshine. It is so peaceful, and being out in the sun is a good bonus, too!

Something I have been thinking about lately is the thought of the "inner critic." You know, that voice in your head that tries to compare you to others, or compare current situations to past experiences. Have you ever heard the saying, Comparison is the thief of joy? It is so true! I battle back and forth with my inner critic. As women (and I know men can attest to this too), we are often times overly critical of ourselves. I am guilty of looking at pictures of myself last year during prep and thinking that I have failed myself, simply because I no longer look like that. Sometimes I feel as if I am not working out hard enough, not eating healthily enough, not doing enough cardio, but at the end of the day - I can only try to make myself happy. Yes, I love to make others happy too, but I am learning that you can truly only count on yourself to turn things around. In a funk? Look inside to fix the problem instead of searching for outside sources to bring you happiness. Don't get me wrong. I love me some retail therapy just as much as the next girl, but if you manifest positive feelings and a positive attitude, you are bound to reap the benefits. You have to be happy with yourself, too, not just extend kindness to others and not showing yourself any lovin'!

Of course, it can be extremely hard to get your inner critic to shut up. One trick to try is that as soon as you start to have those thoughts creep into your mind, try to shift gears and immediately think of a positive thing to replace it with. For example, if you look in the mirror and think, man my legs look fat in these jeans (don't tell me you haven't thought that - I feel you! It sucks! Whatever!) Turn it around and think of a reason why your legs are FREAKIN' AWESOME! "My legs are strong and have powered me through 14 half marathons."

Yeah, that beats skinny chicken legs any day ; )
Disclaimer: that is no hate towards anyone with thin legs. For example purposes only!

Bottom line: make your inner critic shut up by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

Easier said than done, of course, but I promise you it is worth it if you try it out! Why flood your brain with negative vibes anyway, right? Happiness is a choice, and though curve balls are thrown our way in life, having a positive outlook and honoring yourself will help you turn your mood and perspective around.

Every day we wake up with a fresh new day ahead of us. How we spend it has a huge impact on our mood, yes, but so does how we start our day. When I start the day dreading my work, dreading my work out, dreading the thought of even THINKING of dinner plans - you're damn right I'm going to have a crappy day, because I have already set off on the wrong foot. On the other hand, when I wake up in the morning feeling grateful, I am more likely to enjoy my day. Seriously. Lay there in bed and think about three reasons why you are thankful for your life (other than the fact that you are alive and breathing and that alone is something to be thankful for). A similar exercise would be looking at yourself in the mirror and listing things that you love about yourself. My dimples, my eyes, my messy I-don't-care hair. Like I said before, we have to look inside ourselves to find the will to turn our day, our mood, our life around. Searching outside for things to fulfill us has the potential to be dangerous (think addiction, self sabotage, etc), and your intuition already knows the solution. Your body and mind are smart, so listen to them accordingly!

Whew! So that was a mouthful. I hope you found it somewhat helpful to read! I swear, this bikram yoga thang is making my head spin - but in a good way! I left class tonight feeling so refreshed and clean from the inside out, ready to relax and enjoy the evening. It cleared my head for all of these new blog thoughts to roll in, apparently!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Until next time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wild Rose Cleanse Day 3 Review + Yoga OOTD + Bikram Benefits

Good evening, party people!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday. For all you Monday to Friday peeps, you are now over the hump!

I am now officially three days in to the Wild Rose D-Tox Cleanse. So far, it has brought me back to how I typically like to eat, meaning whole foods without additives like excess sugar or sauces on my meals. My ideal, super-fit self would eat whole foods all the time, less animal products, and would not be tempted by desserts if I truly didn't want it. Does anyone else see a dessert and think, Well, I better try it because it's there? Happens to everyone, don't lie! Regardless, the past three days have been a reset for my taste buds. Here are a few of my current thoughts:

1. Day one (Monday) was not bad at all. I had the day off, so I was able to get into a groove on my own time without worrying about rushing here, there, and everywhere. 

2. Day two (yesterday) I was in a brain fog for most of the day. Tuesdays are typically my longest day of the week anyway, so it would have been nice to feel extra focused for work and Brownies right after. I had a bit of a headache throughout the day.

3. Today: My lingering headache from yesterday carried into this morning. I made sure to drink tons of water, and also had a green tea mid-day before yoga class which was a nice boost. Overall I feel good. My tummy does not feel overly bloated, and I am seeing some slight (and when I say slight, I mean SLIIIIGHT) ab definition in my upper abs, where I usually see any shred of definition first. We will see what happens. Day six, six pack? What? No? Okay. Moving along.

One thing I do enjoy about this cleanse is that it forces you to be more conscious about your food. Sometimes I am guilty of having food be an after thought, meaning I throw together meals without evaluating what I actually want to eat. It is easy to toss things together for the sake of having SOMETHING, but have you ever done that and then when it came time to actually eat your food, you were uninterested in it? This cleanse is making me think outside of the box and listen to my internal needs - and no, those needs do not include chocolate or wine!

Knock on wood, but I am actually surprised I have not craved any of that the past few days. Hopefully it keeps up!

Side note: I promise I normally make the bed! Ryan has been home with a really nasty tooth pain the past two days (hello, root canal tomorrow), so I was a nice girlfriend and let him be, all snug as a bug in a rug in the bed!

Tonight's yoga outfit is brought to you by Lululemon. Can they ever do any wrong? Can they? I don't think so.

Shorts are the Boogie Short (I believe? I got them over 5 years ago)
Tank top can be found here
And sports bra (from last year) is the Free to Be style

Tonight was another hot yoga class with the same coworkers I went with on Monday morning. A different teacher taught the class tonight, and I appreciated all of the helpful instructions she gave us throughout the class. I am no yogi by any means, but I found some poses clicking tonight. You know when something feels hard, and then one day it just works? That was me in Eagle Pose tonight. Suddenly my leg was wrapped around my other leg, my toes were facing the front and I was staring at myself in the mirror like. Holy shit, we really got somethin' here! Of course, not every pose is like that, but that is the great thing about yoga. It is your practice, your time, and you can move into whichever pose feels best for you in that moment.

Wow, doesn't that sound like some yogi granola talk, hey? In all seriousness, I find myself wanting to go deeper into poses and learn how to master them. One class at a time, of course. I am trying to make the most out of my two week pass before it expires, so we are back to hot yoga tomorrow!

(Some) Benefits of Hot Yoga:

- Detoxification: You literally sweat out of every single crevice and pore from your body. Gross, I know, but this allows toxins to flush from your body and the sweat (believe it or not) helps cool you down.

- Stabilizes high blood pressure and helps relieve arthritis

- Helps relieve pain from the body. Example, shoulders, back, neck, etc. Work at it little by little - no need to go balls to the wall right away - and soon you will find relief!

- Skin health: The skin is the largest organ of our body, and since you are flushing toxins from it, this helps produce natural lanolin to release from your pores and help improve your complexion.

- Stress, anxiety, and respiratory issues: Hot yoga helps bring this to balance as the practice promotes resetting your nerves, relaxing your muscles, and making you feel more calm. I definitely feel this calmness during the end of the practice in savasana (when your body is laying still), as that is where you reap the benefits of your practice.

Have you tried hot yoga before?

Yassss! Until next time, friends : )

Monday, May 9, 2016

One Day, Three Workouts + A New Cleanse

Happy Monday!

What's up? How's life?

I hope you all had a great weekend, and a big Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's out there! Yesterday was a busy day jam-packed with family, so the day flew by and there was little downtime. Despite all the running around, it was so good to see people from both my side and Ryan's side of the family, and I am happy we could fit (mostly!) everyone into one day.

My family (as in, mom, dad, Sarah & her friend Sarah) came over for dinner, where Ryan BBQ'd some balsamic marinaded chicken. I made a big quinoa salad with black beans, as well as some grilled zucchini sticks and a spinach salad. Lots of food and lots of laughs, as we played Cards Against Humanity afterwards. Does anyone else love that game? It is one of those games where it's like. Hmmm... Do I really want to play this in front of my parents? Nevertheless, it was hilarious & my sister's friend had never played it before. Crazy! It was definitely a fun time and the day was FULL OF FOOD!

Too much food. You know when you are full, but you keep on eating because, well. It's there! And I don't want it to go to waste. That's exactly how I felt yesterday. I found myself eating things like cookies and chips, when usually I am not tempted by those. Although it was a weird day of eating, I am back on track today.

Before we jump into what happened today, I wanted to let you guys know that I am trying a cleanse. Yes, a cleanse. And not an all liquids cleanse or a soup cleanse or anything like that. I am doing the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox. You have probably seen it in stores, and to be honest, I had this cleanse kit for over a year and a half before biting the bullet and starting it today. When I first purchased the kit, it was near Christmas time and I was starting my first bikini prep in the New Year. So, I figured prep plus a cleanse was probably too much. Here we are now!

You take the three herbal pill supplements twice per day, as well as the CL Herbal Extract twice per day. It is suggested that the supplements are taken before meals at breakfast and dinner. This is pretty doable, I'd say. The last thing I want is to be hauling out all of my supplements at lunch time at work. I know people would probably be like, oh, okay, because they were used to my food during prep, but nevertheless. It makes it easier to do at home. Additionally, it also comes with a booklet with a list of foods to eat during the cleanse. The usual bread, pasta, candy, ice cream, dairy, sugar, etc. is on the avoid list, though there are things that I eat every day that are on the YES list. This includes berries, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, chicken, etc. During the cleanse you are to avoid things like added sauces - some oils are okay - and peanut butter. PEANUT BUTTER? That is my ride or die in my morning bowl of oats. However, yeast bacteria thrive on things like sugar and peanut butter. I am going to cut it out during this twelve day cleanse and see how my skin reacts to that. Eczema is a very picky thing, and although I like to think I know my triggers (dairy, bread), even the slightest thing can set it off. We shall see how I fare with this!

Why a cleanse? Why not! As I read through the booklet last night, I immediately thought: do it for the blog. This doesn't mean I am going to do ANYTHING for the sake of writing about it on the blog, but I read so many blogs and reviews before finally jumping in. Perhaps this will serve as a tool for you in case you are ever interested in trying it!

So, with a new cleanse on the go, it was only fitting to go grocery shopping and stock up on some more healthy items. This included more berries, rice cakes, almond butter (this is allowed!), lemons, cucumber, and apples. We'll see how creative I get with this, as it almost reminds me of my prep diet - only with more fruit! Here is a little example of a prepped lunch for the week:

Quinoa, broccoli & baked chicken breast with a sugar free (it is amazing what they put sugar in!) seasoning, which is a medley of spices like garlic, pepper, onion, etc. I also made a big salad for tomorrow, as I usually like having salads on Tuesdays as it is a rest day. More carbs on the days that I work out!

Speaking of work outs, I am absolutely exhausted from my day of working out. Yes, it was pretty much a day. If you didn't pick up on this already by the first photo in this post, I went to a hot yoga class today. There is a studio maybe four doors down from my work, and although I walk by there pretty much every day, I hadn't been inside in a long time. In fact, the first time I ever went was 2009, and since then they have undergone some ownership changes. This meant that I was eligible again for the 2 week intro pass. Myself and two other coworkers arrived at 9:30am to get our sweat on, and holy crap did I ever sweat. It is hard to grab onto your arms and legs in certain poses when literally every pore of your body is pouring with sweat. The class was an hour long, and man did I ever feel good after! There were people of all ages and experience levels too, which was really cool to see. I didn't feel like the odd one out despite not being the most flexible yogi in the room, but that's the great thing about yoga. Everyone is on their own journey and you just make space for what feels good to your body.

After yoga, I came home and started laundry while my oatmeal cooked away on the stove. I got a bit of a late start to my breakfast game (something about twisting around on a full stomach in a boiling hot room didn't sound appealing to me pre-yoga), so I started my cleanse during the first meal. Once breakfast was settled, I thought to myself. Well, what else am I going to do? So what else did I do but go for a run. Crazy, I know, but that's what I did. I ran 5km, then immediately jumped into the shower. After running some errands in the afternoon, prepping meals, and even taking a 30 minute cat nap, I headed off to another workout class.

Yes, another workout class.

Me and the two other coworkers I went to hot yoga with also went to a Barre Infusion class at our local rec centre. It was lots of fun and incorporated tons of squats! Barre generally uses things like the bar (as seen in ballet class), balls, and lighter dumbbells. The repetitions are HIGH, like to the point where I was losing count between what rep and set we were in. My legs are starting to feel sore now, so I know I will feel it tomorrow! It is also a great core workout too. If you have been interested in trying a Barre class I would highly recommend it! It is a good work out for sure.

And with that, I am off to flop on the couch and RELAX! I always tell Ryan that I need one day to just do nothing - yet on my days off I am always so GO GO GO! Maybe next weekend ; )

Until next time, friends!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What I'm Reading + Workout Wednesday

Oh you know, just going in for the ol' ONE TWO PUNCH! This photo was taken five days out from my first bikini competition. Crazy to think that this time last year I was still in prep-mode!

How is it going today everyone? We are at the middle of the week - hooray! Yesterday was my Monday, and I was totally having a stereotypical Monday (even for a Tuesday). You know those nights where you don't have a good sleep, and then everything throughout the day is just issue after issue, and then you have commitments after work and then you come home at 8:30pm and feel like going right to bed? Mhm. That was me yesterday.

So was this:

In my head of course, but nonetheless.

I am happy to report that today was much better! I have been into a new book this month, so I took some time this morning to spend at least fifteen minutes reading. It has been a goal to read a book per month, and so far, so good! Last month I read Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein and it was a great way to inject some peace and positive vibes into my day. If you are into books that make you think and dive deep into your thoughts, then this is the book for you. Personally, it forces me to think outside of my little brain box, if that makes any sense. It has given me a different perspective on some things as well, because when I catch myself being negative about a situation, at least I can acknowledge it and try to move on without feeling stuck in that negative space.

The book I am reading for the month of May is along the same lines. From what I gather, it is an interactive book that allows you to write in certain sections and brain storm. I am all about brain storming and getting those ideas from my head to paper. This is what the book looks like in case you are wondering!

And a little sneak peak at some items on my desk right now!

Forever throwing it back to that one time I was fifty shades of chocolate ; ) And of course some plants because air purity, am I right? There is also an aloe plant on the shelf. More office decor to come! Planner is by Erin Condren - loooove this, and speaking of my planner, I need to get on planning this week! Ryan's dad has been over since last Friday, so my evenings have been a little all over the place (aside from taking some downtime to check in on the blog)!

Anddddd now it's time for work out Wednesday!

I haven't been to the gym in a hot minute, but tonight a co-worker and I went to a fitness class. Originally we were planning on attending the barre fusion class, though that class sold out like half an hour before it started SOOO we missed the boat big time on that one. Fortunately, we only had to wait fifteen minutes before another class started. Although it wasn't the barre fusion class, it was a cardio strength class and HOLY CRAP. My legs are sore as I lay here on my couch typing to you guys. It was a great work out. Tough, challenging, I wanted to die laying there on the mat doing glute bridges holding a medicine ball over my head, but it left me feeling great! It was a circuit style class with twelve different stations. We ran through each station once, and then we divided it into three sections of four exercises. You repeated the four exercises three times - twice for forty seconds, one for thirty seconds, and then moved onto the second set of four exercises. Does that make sense? The first section was cardio, second was legs, third was strength and fourth was strength and abs. The hour went by pretty fast, and I was happy to get a good, heart pumping work out in. You know when you do a work out and you feel sufficiently worked? That's how this class left me. I am always up for a challenge though, so I am sure we will be back!

What is your favourite work out class? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you guys are having a good week so far! Later friends :)