Two Days, One Post & Sunday Fun Day

Note: Here is the post I started on Thursday, but never finished because I was “too tired” and had to go to bed.
Good evening, party people!
How’s your Thursday? I started the day with a run, since I still wanted to get in some miles before the month ended. My original goal was 110 for the months, and then I came down with a cold last week and that basically knocked me on my ass. I had to keep my ass moving though, so I settled for 100 miles for the month. I guess I shouldn’t say “settle” since there are lots of people out there that haven’t even ran one mile this month (or their life), but I am big on goals and was a little disappointed I didn’t get to the big 110 mark again. Oh, well! A+ for effort, and a new month full of promise begins tomorrow!
(If I ran ~4 miles every day for the month, I would hit 110 miles. Not that I just calculated that to see)
So, I haven’t exactly thought of any goals I wanted to set for the month, besides one. This February I did 50 squats (or more) every day and a one minute plank (at least) every day. I am going to continue that. Another thing I want to do is eat clean! I go through way too many phases where I am doing well without bored-snacking and eating nonprocessed foods or things that make my body/skin hate me, but then I slip up, so I am going to try extra, extra hard to not let that happen as often this month. Obviously it will, because I’m a human who loves her candy, but I just won’t eat copious amounts of it in a given week. I can’t be in birthday mode in March!
This morning I tried something new with my breakfast.

Don’t worry (you are rolling your eyes at me, I know it). I still had oatmeal. However, to add more protein to the meal I added quinoa once the oats were partially cooked. It was perfect! I could barely taste the quinoa by itself since it blended in so well with the dish. I also had chia seeds in there, a banana & some peanut butter. Om nom nom. If you are an oatmeal fan and a quinoa fan, I highly suggest mixing the two for a protein-packed start to the day! Perhaps I will do that again tomorrow.
I must say, my every day oatmeal has been missing the usual sunflower and hemp seeds, as well as raisins. Note to self: pick some up on the way home from work this weekend.

Now, here is the post that is a little more current & that I WILL finish this time 🙂

This is my jam!

11 mile run done & done. I sat there on the couch debating whether I wanted to run (deep down I knew I did, since I haven’t since Thursday – shame on me, shame on me), and I finally decided that the miles wouldn’t run themself. So, I geared up and ran. And it was glorious! It was pretty uneventful – even paced long run, hydrated with Nuun after, and had my breakfast. My favourite part of the day!

So there was a travesty in the kitchen today, and that was zero oatmeal to be found. Or rather, zero large flake oats to be found. I am not an instant oats gal whatsoever. It doesn’t stick to your ribs or make you feel as full as steel cut oats or large flake oats (my personal favourite). However, I decided to make a quinoa breakfast bowl. Basically, I cooked quinoa with almond and milk and cinnamon, similar to that of my usual oatmeal, and added in peanut butter and banana. It was delicious! Quinoa is super versatile, so if you haven’t tried it in a breakfast dish, you definitely did!

Then, it was time to get ready for a baby shower! Hooray!

While I waited for my sister to get ready, I hung out in the Black Stallion (aka my Jeep) and took a mandatory selfy or two (or three, or four…). Voila:

Rockin’ the sunshine ‘stache 😉 Anyway, to the cuteness:

Since my mom is an avid Pinterest user, you bet she found this creation online and had to replicate it herself. I admit, I may have been hovering over her while she cut up the fruit, and I definitely had my fair share at the shower. What? If I’m not having large amounts of candy anymore for a while (oh yeah, I am on a candy hiatus since I have had processed sugar overload), I gotta satisfy the sweet tooth somehow!

And here is the beautiful new mama & Hudson! Congratulations!

In other news, I finally found my book of marathon training. I thought I had lost it, but apparently I left it in my dad’s truck last month. Well, now I have some reading to catch up on!

Hopefully your weekend was fantastic! I will try to blog a bit more regularly since I am slackin’ on that, or so it feels like. I am also icing my legs right now, so points for me I guess that I am back on the icing train.

See ya later!

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