Buttz n Slumpz

Hey people!
Yes, I missed a Beauty Tuesday post this week. I know, I know. Guilty as charged! I was preoccupied with more fun things like having my sister sleep over at my place for two nights and then shopping on Wednesday. Maybe those products will pop up next week for Beauty Tuesday! Sorry pals. That is the way the cookie is crumbling this week (and no, I’m not making this a Beauty Friday post – that just doesn’t work).
How has your week been going? Exciting plans this weekend? I will be working (hooray for not being unemployed anymore! My car wasn’t going to pay for itself, sadly), and making my way through the episodes of Community. In the past when I asked my sister which TV shows I should watch, this one was always on the list. However, I refused every time, because the short glimpses of episodes I DID see her watching were weird or dull or I just wasn’t interested.
BUT. Here is the but.
No, not the Finding Nemo butt. I actually like the show a lot! Anyway, so that is what’s new and exciting.
I have been running too, don’t you worry! My mileage for the week is going to be around 25 miles (that’s the minimum I have set for myself), which means my monthly mileage will be at 110. The last time I was at 110 miles was in January, so I’m happy to see it back up there! I have slacked for a little bit, and although my actual runs were longer in previous months (I ran 3 ten milers in a week at one point in May), the overall mileage wasn’t where I wanted it to be.
Ah, so picky! I admit, I was in a running slump during the last two or so months, but now running is starting to be FUN again. You know you are in a rut when something you absolutely adore starts to become more like a chore. While I used to set my alarm and be excited to run, I was hitting the snooze button and saying to myself, “Maybe later,” which soon became “maybe tomorrow.” My running definitely suffered, but there is no shame in getting back on the wagon! You gotta do what you gotta do, and that’s what it’s all about. You go through the ups and the downs and trial and error. I strongly believe that exercise should be enjoyable rather than a form of torture, so shake out of that rut or switch things up before you get yourself in too deep!

Now I’m off to relax before bed! I’m thinking some Community and tea. And maybe I can convince Brandon to rub my feet. Haaa haa ha funny Friday!


  1. fitnessissweet | 29th Jun 13

    I may or may not be able to recite the rap in Spanish on that show….heehee.

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