Wave Sayonaras & Outside of the Comfort Zone

Oreo says hello and is trying to lure you into reading the rest of this post with that saucy pose she’s striking above. Is it working? Are you still reading?
I forgot I took that picture last night and it popped up when I was transferring pictures onto my laptop this evening. Too funny. Anywho, moving on to more exciting things.
After a morning filled with a fun family visit, I went out for lunch and Starbucks with my friend Lauren. It was super nice to catch up! We don’t live too far apart, but our visits are definitely too far and inbetween, so our New Years resolution is to visit more often (and actually follow through). I find girls, yes this includes me, are terrible with saying, “Oh we should hang out more often!” but it never happens. It will happen!

8.5 miles later. I did the first 6.3 in my Brooks, then the latter bit in my Mizuno Sayonaras. I didn’t have a reason for switching out my shoes mid-run aside from the fact that my Brooks have seven hundred flippin’ miles on them and I should probably just retire them for good now. They seriously look brand new, but the arch isn’t as supportive as it used to be and the sole is a little too flexible and bendy for a stability shoe. Needless to say I will be using the Mizuno runners way more often. Is it terrible that I’m thinking of buying another pair of runners just to have two to rotate between? Do you rotate between runners? I know lots of people do, and that was my initial goal with these two shoes, but. Meh. That just didn’t end up happening. It was a good thought at the time!
So one of my goals for 2014 is to train more outside of my comfort zone. This includes switching up my strength training routine which basically doesn’t exist whatsoever anymore with the exception of some lunges, squats and push-ups maybe once a week. Once upon a time I used to do that all the time! I’m also wanting to train at faster paces so I can (hopefully) PR in some races this year. My heart is not set on PRing at a certain race or a certain time. If it happens, it happens, but it’s something I’m willing to work at. On the same note, I’d like to even sign up for a running club or some other form of activity (I’m lookin’ at you, yoga) to keep me busy outside of work.

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