A Few Thoughts on Motivation


Good morning!

I wanted to have a little chit chat about motivation this morning. Grab your coffee, grab your morning bowl of oatmeal, and let’s dive in to something that I think we all have experienced.

Although I can’t speak for everyone, I think the majority of us have struggled with either finding motivation, staying motivated, or re-motivating ourselves when that flame has died out. For me, it has been hard getting myself up and at ’em and READY to conquer a killer workout. It has been almost a week since I went to the gym, and all though my running has been consistent, my strength training has not. I go through work out waves, you could call them. One month I will be all, “YAY! GYM LIFE!” and the next month I’m in love with running all over again. Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to continue to run as much as I’d like to, plus strength train, plus do some cross training, PLUS, PLUS, PLUS!

That being said, I am pretty good about listening to my body. I know that it’s not possible to constantly be doing this, that, and everything else on my every growing to do list. The human body is an amazing thing that gives us so many signals when something is wrong. It’s up to us to listen and to honour what our body needs. This weekend I rested and relaxed. Sunday was spent at home, Monday we did some yard work, and yesterday I had good intentions of waking up early to run, but the bed won and I stayed in bed past my alarm. While this was nice in terms of relaxing, it wasn’t the best thing for my motivation. I took the evening last night to regroup and think about some ways I can get myself motivated. Here’s a few things I came up with:


1. Reading a magazine: I subscribe to Runner’s World magazine, and reading the articles and tips inside always make me motivated to train smarter.

2. Think about my goals/SET A NEW GOAL! One of the biggest goals I want to achieve is (finally) running a marathon, and I know that won’t happen successfully without putting in the work.

3. Journal and write down a list of things I am grateful for. Being thankful for what I already have is motivation enough to keep pushing for my goals, since there are so many others out there who do not have that opportunity.

4. Consult friends and family. Having a support system around you can do wonders at keeping you motivated and accountable.

5. Sleep on it. Sometimes you just need to go to bed, recharge your batteries and start again fresh in the morning.

What are some ways you motivate yourself when you have hit a road block?

I’m off to finish my coffee & get ready for the day. Catch you all tomorrow!

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