A Little Wine, A Little Harry Potter + Strength Training


Happy Wednesday!

I have a six day work week over here, so I’d have to say I am loving the coffee more in the morning! Plus, three drinks per week with #MerryFitmas, if you know what I mean : )

Tonight is going to be one out of three drinks. To be honest, I probably won’t even have three drinks this week since, well, I rarely do, but I want to celebrate since it is my mom’s birthday! So that means dinner, a little wine, and some birthday cake – of course!

I am taking today as a rest day since I have ran on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and worked out yesterday at the gym. My gym membership expired on the 19th, so I went back to take advantage of a sale they are having. While I was there getting that sorted out, I thought I might as well get in a work out, too! It wasn’t until I was getting changed that I realized that a) I forgot my headphones and b) I forgot my sports bra at home.

Insert eye roll here. I know. Bad, Holly! So, that meant something low impact LOL. I did 20 minutes incline walking on the treadmill, then 25-30 minutes of upper body. It looked something like this:

3 x 12 shoulder press machine
3 x 12 tricep press-downs (bar attachment)
15, 12, 10 one arm lat pull downs (sitting on a Bosu ball with the cable machine, pulling down to target each side)
3 x 12 tricep extensions (rope attachment on cable machine)
3 x 12 front shoulder raises
3 x 12 lateral raises

And then some foam rolling & stretching to end the work out. It wasn’t anything crazy, but just enough to wake my muscles up and get back into the strength training game!

For dinner I had a big salad with some salmon, and then we curled up on the couch to watch some Harry Potter! I am currently reading the last book – no spoilers, please! – and so the Harry Potter movie marathon continues. Does anyone else feel like the books (and movies) get better as the series goes on? Maybe because they are no longer 11 years old and it is a bit more mature/easier to relate to. Regardless, the movies are fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed! We watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. I think that was one of my favourite books. Hard to say though! ; )

And a few outtakes from Sunday’s foam rolling session with the dog:


Nothing like a little kiss in the ear action while you are red faced and sweaty on the living room floor.


Yep, that’s about how well our photos together go. Wiggle monster!

Short and sweet. I hope you guys all have a great day : )

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