My First Cuppa Bullet Proof Coffee



Hey friends!

I am checking in late today but wanted to make sure I shared this new beverage with you all.

You may have heard all about bullet proof coffee already, but I wanted to let you guys know what we have been doing in my household when it comes to this trendy coffee drink. A lot of health blogs chat about the health benefits of bullet proof coffee, and everyone has their own twist on it. No matter how you spin it, it is a frothy, creamy drink that gives you a nice boost in the morning – as coffee does, of course!

So, what’s so good about it? Now I’m not sure how much scientific research there is about bullet proof coffee, as the opinions are mixed as to whether it is truly good or bad for you. If anything, due to the fat content it keeps you fuller for longer, though if you are looking for weight loss the ol’ tale of calories in vs calories out still rings true.

Here is what we used in our bullet proof coffee this morning:


You add 1 teaspoon of the Brain Octane oil and gradually build up to 1 full tablespoon. Then, add some butter – YUP I said butter! – and whip it up in the blender for a creamy, frothy coffee.


So, my verdict? It tastes super smooth and creamy. It is not nearly as acidic as coffee on its own (duh), and I love me some foam! I am a huge latte fan so this kind of fills that void for me since I generally just add almond milk to my coffee every morning. Will I drink this every day? Hmm probably not, but it is nice every once and a while!


I am signing off for the night to watch some (more) Christmas movies on the W network and go to bed early. I have been battling a cold since Monday and it is kicking my butt! : ( Hot lemon water, Manuka honey & REST are my friends!

Chat with ya tomorrow!

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