New Series Alert: Merry Fitmas!


Good morning, friends!

How are you? How was the weekend? I took a little break on Friday due to this disastrous cold/flu/whatever I had, but luckily I am feeling more like myself and ready to get back in the game. It’s not fun trying to use your brain when it feels like your whole head is going explode, know what I mean?

You guys know I love a good challenge, especially when I am able to share it on the blog with all of you. Last month it was Blogtober, and while this month the site went through a redesign, I wanted to start something before the holiday season approaches.

Ah, yes. The holidays. Who else has started decorating for Christmas already? *Hand slowly raises* This girl has! Oh yes, and the Christmas movies are recording as we speak. That being said, the holidays mean treats galore. While I love me a good treat now and then, I know that just eating treats and over indulging will not make me feel my best. SO, on Saturday while my sister came over for a little visit, we started brainstorming. What can we do to keep the healthy train rolling throughout the holidays?

Great question. Introducing: Merry Fitmas!


This is what it looks like:

– Limit drinks to three per week (side note: I drink wine maybe once every two weeks, though with lots of special occasions coming up it’s important to be mindful!)

– Limit junk food to once per week. Emphasis on clean, whole foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains & good proteins

– Try a new work out class: it is always fun to switch things up!

– Reward accomplishments with an experience (say, a nice bath with a fancy bath bomb & face mask) or something workout related rather than FOOD!

– Keep a journal to documents progress and how you feel throughout the challenge – killed a tough workout, or just had a TOUGH workout? Sometimes it’s nice to look back at a journal to see everything you have overcame!

– Cook from home as much as possible and send each other a picture of our healthy choices

– Weekly weigh in and/or measure. For me I am doing the measurement route and keeping track in my progress journal.

And of course supporting each other along the way! I will keep the blog updated with how everything is going. I will be giving you guys a sneak peek into some festive recipes, my weekly work outs & more!

If you are interested in joining, leave a message in the comments and we can all support each other! : ) Then once Christmas is over, we will start a new challenge in 2017. Lots to look forward to & I’d love it if you joined us!


  1. Laurie Douglas | 21st Nov 16

    I’m in. Well slowly.

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