Tuesday Tip + Fitmas, So Far


Good morning!

Tuesday is here, and it’s going to be a great day.

Last week Tuesday I posted a little tip about committing to a task for ten minutes. This week I wanted to share another one: take a social media detox!

So often we get caught up in refreshing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – whatever it may be, we don’t need to be constantly plugged in. I know I am guilty of checking everything before I go to bed, when that time could be spent actually sleeping or doing something more productive. Mindless scrolling is so time consuming, so I am vowing to take a social media detox as soon as I wake up – and not check my phone (no texts, no emails, no apps, no nothin’!) until I have been up for at least an hour. What will I do during that hour? Work out, hang out with the dog, feed the dog, get ready for work, make myself breakfast, read – there are so many things to do in the morning to pass the time that doesn’t include plugging into Facebook.

So, I challenge you to take a social media detox tomorrow! It’s also important to unplug in the evening, but I will touch on that in a later post. That’s a whole other topic on it’s own!

Switching gears here, you probably know I am doing a #MerryFitmas challenge between now and December 24th. Technically I started this on Sunday, November 20th, so here’s what I have been doing these last few days in terms of work outs (and a little bit of food)!


Sunday morning breakfast: my go to oats topped with banana and some extra cinnamon, plus even more cinnamon in my coffee. I read some Harry Potter while enjoying my breakfast. This was pre-run fuel. On the weekend I try to do a longer run, so I completed 10km after letting my oats digest a bit. Note the snowman pajama pants ; )


As you can tell, post-run foam rolling went really well. In puppy class we do a behaviour called “settle,” where you put a blanket, towel, mat, etc down on the ground. You then ask the dog to “settle” which basically means “go there and lay down.” I’m pretty sure Nala thought she had a treat coming for her – no such luck! I did manage to get about 20 minutes of foam rolling and stretching in. This is quite an achievement for me considering I am usually moving onto the next task right away after a run and neglecting the post-workout recovery steps. So, I aim to do more stretching and foam rolling more frequently!

Aaand yesterday’s workout was a 5km treadmill run. This felt a bit hard as it was early in the morning, my legs weren’t quite warmed up and I hadn’t drank any water (well, aside from a few sips upon waking up). Nevertheless, I felt pretty good during the run, though I was definitely done at the end. Gotta listen to your body!

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