A Festive Friday + Merry Fitmas Check-In + Total Inches Lost (So Far)

Hey, hey!

I wanted to do a little Saturday morning post for you since I did not have my act together for a post yesterday. Errr, sorry guys!

You probably have lots of snow where you live. At least if you are in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island area. We got a big dump of snow Thursday night, and it kept snowing all day yesterday. I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. Something about the snow in December just makes it feel so damn festive! Plus, if you are counting down to Christmas like I am, you know there are only 15 days until the big day. Who is done their shopping!? I am half way there. The thing is, I don’t want to go out and drive in the snow, so I have been doing quite a bit of my shopping online. Plus, you can shop in the comfort of your own home with a glass of wine and your pajamas on. I feel like that would be frowned upon in the mall ; )

So Friday was a pretty easy day. Now that Fridays are actually my Fridays, it’s pretty exciting once I reach the end of the work week! We didn’t have anything planned other than making cauliflower crust pizza for dinner and hanging out at home. We topped the cauliflower pizza crust with pizza sauce, sauteed onions and spinach, olives, vegetarian pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. So good and so filling! Of course, I had to break out my dollar store Merry Christmas wine glasses (complete with the stickers still on the bottom) and Christmas jammies for the occasion. As if you guys couldn’t have guessed that already. Then we watched Arthur Christmas and called it a night. Yeah, Friday nights are pretty crazy around here.

Now today is #MerryFitmas check in day!

As you know, I am doing the measurement route as opposed to weighing myself on the scale. When I was doing my fitness competition prep, I had to do both the weigh and measure. Weight is a tricky thing in that it is so easy to become focused on that number. “I must be X pounds, and then I will be happy.” How about aiming to be happy in the body you are currently in? That way it makes the whole journey a hell of a lot easier on yourself without being fixated on that “I will be happy when I weigh…” mentality. Does that make sense?

Anyway, back to today’s check in. All measurements are in inches and loss is as of last week

Hips: -.50
Lower abs: -.25
Waist: -.50
Bust: -.25
Thighs: No change

Overall: 2 inches lost since last week. Could be water retention, could be actual inches lost. Either way, it was a good check in and a little surprising since I was not as consistent as I should be with my water in take this week. That being said, I have been drinking a lot of tea so that helps hydrate, too. Overall since the start of #MerryFitmas I have lost a total of 6 inches! I didn’t realize this until I tallied up the numbers but I am pretty happy with that considering the biggest changes I have made are just being more aware of my eating habits, drinking more water, and staying active. Yes, I have been running more and I find that my body responds well to that, but nevertheless, it is cool to see it on paper. Just when you think change isn’t happening, you will be pleasantly surprised!

That is all for this morning! I am off to flip laundry, finish my coffee & get my run on. While I can’t hit the trail (safely) today, at least I can get the miles in on my trusty treadmill. I would go crazy without that thing!

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