How To: Reset After the Holidays

Okay, so who else had a few too many holiday cookies? Or too much eggnog or Bailey’s in your coffee? Or just too much of any indulgent food/drink this holiday season? Yep, I can say yes to all of those things!

On Monday I was feeling sluggggggggish! It was bad. I was in a funk, my mood was all over the place, and I basically did not feel like myself. Perhaps it was because I was exhausted from our four-gatherings-in-one-day Christmas, but I can also recognize that food and activity has a LOT to do with one’s mood.

SOOO, with that, I wanted to chat about how you can hit the reset button after the holidays.

Tip #1: Get moving. It is so, so easy to let working out and exercising fall by the wayside during the holidays. For me, setting an hour (or less!) aside for working out can seriously help my mood. Exercising releases endorphins, and as you know endorphins make you happy! They are definitely a mood booster. On Monday I went for a 5km run and that was enough to make me feel even a little bit better. Plus, it helps your body get moving, blood flowing, and makes me feel better about that extra glass of wine in the evening! Nevertheless, work out because you love how it makes your body feel. You are only one workout away from a good mood!

Tip #2: Drink water. During the colder winter months it is so easy to seriously slack on your water intake. BUT! Hydration is so important for you body. You don’t have to chug back a ton of water, either. You can hydrate with herbal tea as well, or warm lemon water to help kick-start your digestive system! We’ve all had a few too many drinks this holiday weekend I’m sure, so your body will thank you for the h2o!

Tip #3: Get outside. Fresh air does the body good. Whether you are taking the dog out for a walk, going for a run, or even just standing out there in nature, being surrounded by Mother Earth can help boost your mood and make you feel more grounded. If it’s a nice sunny day, bring a book outside, or lounge on a patio chair and chat with a friend. There is something about the great outdoors that just brings me back to myself and calms my mind.

Tip #4: Eat your veggies. I know, I know. Cookies taste so much better than broccoli, but you need some nutrients in your system! While it can be tempting to pile your dinner plate with mashed potatoes and gravy, try going for veggies first. After Christmas was over my body was in a food coma, which contributed to my poor mood on Monday. So, I made the extra effort to get more veggies in.

Tip #5: Get some sleep. During the holidays you are bound to be up late, and it is easy to forgo sleep. I admit, I slept in late on Monday after being out until the wee hours of the morning, but I am so looking forward to my regular sleep schedule. Sleeping will help your body recover from those overindulgent nights, late nights, and nights filled with a little too much holiday cheer, if ya know what I mean. SO, don’t feel bad about going to bed early, or taking a little Sunday nap. Your body will appreciate the sleep!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips! I’d love to hear them : )

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