Morning Yoga + 2017 Reads (So Far)

Good morning!

Officially two days until another long weekend. I admit, it would be nice to have a long weekend every weekend, but unfortunately that’s not how she goes. Gotta make the best out of every day though!

I wanted to share a few goodies I received over Christmas because for those who enjoy reading and writing lists, you will love these! For me, writing can be therapeutic and a great way to organize my thoughts. It can be especially helpful with writing prompts, which kind of force you to brainstorm on a certain topic or idea. This is what the 52 Lists for Happiness is all about. Every week you complete a new list and it will have you list things like what makes you happy, what fears do you have and how will you let them go, what do you wish you could do every day, etc. It is pretty cool. I am technically on week one, though I am thinking about doing it weekly in the New Year so I can look back and see all my thoughts from 2017.

The other book I received is more along the lines of becoming your best self, spirtuality, and practicing gratitude and positivity. Gabrielle Bernstein is a popular spirituality author and I have a few books of hers already. I highly recommend them to anyone on the path to becoming their greatest self. I have yet to dive into this one, but I am looking forward to it : )

Does anyone else like having some fresh reads on their list for the New Year? There’s a stack of books here at home that I have yet to read, so hopefully I will be able to make my way through it this year. They have been sitting for too long!

If you have any book recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

So, going back to the beginning of my post where I mentioned making the best out of every day… I woke up extra early yesterday morning to carve out some me-time so I could move my body a little bit before the work day. No, this wasn’t an intense gym work out or anything that even required leaving the house. Nope! It had to be easy. I rolled out my mat in the living room, filled up my water bottle and got in a gentle yoga practice. Bonus: you don’t need much to do yoga at home, either. I just searched “Yoga” on YouTube and voila, there were so many choices! I picked a sequence that was around 23 minutes long, and it was lovely. Yoga is something that I truly do love; I just don’t spend enough time doing it. Every time I finish I have the same thought of, “Oh, I need more of this in my life!” and yet so easily it is pushed to the side. I am vowing now to make more time for yoga in 2017 – and fortunately I have already started on that before 2017 is even here! It’s amazing what a bit of stretching can do. It felt especially nice on my legs since I ran 10km Tuesday morning. For all of you runners out there, your muscles (and mind) will be happy after a little bit of time on the mat!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, and I will chat with ya tomorrow!

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