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Good morning!

How is everyone doing this fine Saturday morning? I’m coming at ya from the comfort of my kitchen surrounded by poinsettias. Or rather, two poinsettias but one is rather large and will make a great centre piece on the table! If only I could get the rest of the table organized… Does anyone else use their table as the “everything” destination? I am definitely guilty of this, moreso than Ryan, since I figure I’ll just “put it away later.” Hehe. Oops.

I wanted to share some of my favourites from November. While I didn’t blog the first week of November, I wanted to show you some products I have been using & moments in general from the month that I enjoyed.

So, let’s get started!


I love me a good face mask, so when I came across these hand masks I thought it would be worth a try. They are essentially plastic gloves lined with moisturizer. Once you put them on, there is a little sticky tab on the glove that you pull over your wrist to secure the gloves in place. I hung out and watched a Christmas movie (shocker) for about 20 minutes before taking them off, and they made my hands so silky soft! While you don’t necessarily need to purchase a hand mask (simply put a ton of moisturizer on your hands and then some gloves or clean socks), it’s a nice way to pamper yourself without spending $$$ at the spa.

Two of my favourite make up products of the month. I used to be a die-hard Rimmel powder fan, but this one is a little different since it is translucent. It’s a nice way to mattify the skin while still maintaining a natural look. There’s nothing worse than looking like you are caked in make up, so a light dusting of this barely-there powder does the trick at setting everything in place. As well, this Maybelline Clump Crusher mascara has been my go to every day since I purchased it. The wand is slightly curved, so it gives a nice curl to the lashes while giving some volume and separating the lashes. There’s nothing I despise more than eyelashes that stick together, so this mascara is highly recommended for those who like the nice fanned out look!

Of course, blueberry oats with extra cinnamon. Lately I have been on an almond butter kick, so I’ve been swapping peanut butter out. Almond butter is less inflammatory than peanut butter too, since peanuts tend to be a nut more on the mouldy side (or so I have heard). Plus, sometimes you just gotta switchin things up!

Christmas decorations have been (and will continue to be) a favourite for both November and December! And part of January… I am especially fond of these nutcrackers for some reason. They are just too cute.

The Paint Nite event I went to with my mom and sister was so much fun! I look forward to doing on again. I actually went out and bought some paints to play with after this event. I always forget how much I love to paint until I do it, so hopefully I can get creative and do more painting!

It can’t be the holidays without a Christmas Starbucks drink. On a day to day basis I bring my coffee to work every day, though on a day off sometimes it’s nice to grab a fancy coffee before the day’s events begin. Of course, one must always take a picture near their festive Holly tree in the backyard for that extra touch of Christmas magic ; )


So as you know I was reading the Harry Potter series, and I am a little sad to report that it is over. So many turns and twists in that last book that I didn’t expect! Oh, Snape. Oh, Dumbledore. I highly recommend reading Harry Potter if you are looking to get into a new series. Some other favourites in this picture: banana oats with lots of cinnamon, coffee with lots of cinnamon (can you tell I like cinnamon?) and my snowman pajama pants. Always Christmas pajama pants.


Nala is officially SIX MONTHS old as of November 25th! It is crazy how time flies. She is such a good little lady and I love her to pieces. Last week she also graduated another behaviour at puppy class, so she is well on her way to finishing the program! Proud parent over here.

Another favourite: giant Christmas trees and Christmas decorations everywhere. Can you tell I am excited for Christmas!? I wonder how many times I typed that in this post, haha!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I will be back on Monday with my next Merry Fitmas recap as it was check-in time this weekend. Tonight we have Ryan’s staff party and then his birthday, so the celebrations begin : )

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