One Day, Four Christmases

Good morning!

I hope the holiday weekend treated you all well. I am blogging from the comfort of home with a hot cup of coffee and my oatmeal cookin’ away on the stove.

I wanted to pop in and see how you guys are doing! Anyone else exhausted from the weekend? I know I am! Fortunately both Ryan and I have the day off today to hang out and get sorted for the (short) week ahead. Crazy to think that 2017 is coming up so fast!

Let’s jump into this little update, shall we?

So Christmas Eve was pretty relaxed. It was the calm before the storm, you could say. We had a visit with some of Ryan’s family, then came home to make a gingerbread house and have dinner. I made a huge salad (probably the only veggies I had all weekend – tsk tsk) and Ryan made his famous steak. I don’t know what he does to it, but it always tastes amazing. We watched a Christmas movie, then headed to bed around 10pm. Okay, pretty good. Not too crazy – yet!

Christmas morning: I woke up around 7am, let Nala out, fed her, let the cat out, and then woke up Ryan so we could open our stockings! We sat on the couch with coffee in hand, opening our gifts and just hanging out for about an hour before it was go time. Once we were ready (for me, getting ready meant wearing my pajamas to my parents’ house and throwing on a cardigan), we packed up the car with our gifts and, of course, our fur baby Nala. She was excited to be going on a little adventure!

This was Christmas stop #1 of the day. After spending the morning with my family, we drove back to Duncan and went to Ryan’s Nani’s house for Christmas stop #2. While there we also had second breakfast and visited with more of his family.

We had about 45 minutes at home to get ready, then head back to Chemainus for dinner at my aunt’s house. That was Christmas stop #3. By this time we were both getting quite tired, but the madness continued! Our last and final stop, #4 of the day, was back in our hometown where we went to a Christmas party at Ryan’s uncle’s house. We got home around 1:30am yesterday and crashed.

Yup, that was our crazy day. We did the same thing last year, but we are thinking of streamlining things next year to save us some travel time. I mean, it’s not like we have a ton of stuff to pack back and forth, but we are looking forward to hosting Christmas breakfast at our place in 2017! Hooray : )


I hope you all had a beautiful weekend spent with the people you love. Whether it was busy, low key, or all over the place like our Christmas, there is nothing better than visiting the ones that make our hearts smile.

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