Our First Family Christmas Adventure


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yep, the first official snow fall for us happened earlier this week, as most of you already know. I woke up to a few text messages and I knew that the people texting me were going on about the snow. How did I know? Just had a sneaky feeling ; ) Of course I had to find out for myself, so I jumped out of bed with Nala in tow and saw a winter wonderland outside!

Does anyone else’s Christmas spirit just LIGHT UP once it snows? I mean, it really makes it feel like the holidays.

Our project today? Operation Christmas tree. After lounging for a bit in the morning, drinking coffee & taking it easy, we left the house at about 10:30am to pick up some (more) coffee and go hunting for a Christmas tree. Nala always loves going for car rides (she has come a long way from the puppy who whined in the car), so it was fun to take her with us.


Nala loved playing around in the snow and would bury her face in it, only to look up with snow all over her nose. She is so cute. I die.

We went to a local Christmas tree farm where I have been a few times before with my parents. For the last few years with Simba we had a fake tree, which really didn’t make a huge difference with the cat since he would lay in it anyway, but this year we thought it would be better to get a real one. Plus they smell so good and you can’t find that in a fake tree!


Mr Muscles and the big ol’ Christmas tree!


I had to take some inventory before we started the decorating process.

We drank some hot chocolate with marshmallows & watched Christmas with the Kranks while decorating. Voila!


As you can tell, Santa’s little elf Nala is super excited to have our Christmas tree. She even took the liberty of sniffing it out before setting up to ensure that it was good enough ; )

Anyone else have their tree up? How long do you usually wait before decorating the tree?

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