Runch Time + New Reads

Good evening!

I am writing to you, again, from the comfort of my couch buried under a duvet with both Nala and Simba hanging out on the couch.

I wanted to give you a quick update about the day. It was a busy one, and this week is flying by!

Let’s rewind to this morning. As you may already know, I finished up the Harry Potter series about a week or so ago and was in search for a new book. However, rather than buying a new book, I consulted my book shelf. It’s amazing how many books I buy, read a little bit, and then forget about. The book I am reading, which is called Mile Markers, is one that I started but put aside. At this point, I am kind of in between my goals and I figured this book could serve as some good inspiration.

So, I read for about twenty minutes while my oatmeal was cooking, and I had a few thoughts pop into my head:

1. I wish I had running buddies to keep me accountable for early morning (or after work) runs

2. I am itching to sign up for a race

3. I would like to try something different

More on number three later on – still mulling it over in my head!

With those few thoughts in my mind, I packed up my gym bag and decided that I would A) go to the gym for a run during my lunch if time permitted or B) I would get my run in after work. Fortunately I was able to get it done during lunch, so I covered 5km during RUNCHTIME! See what I did there? It was nice to get it done during the work day, so that I could come home and relax after. While I do enjoy a good after work sweat sesh, it can be so nice (especially on these cold nights) to come home and just BE. I can spend some extra time making dinner, sit down with a cup of tea, BLOG, catch up with Ryan, play with Nala, etc etc. Ultimately I would love to get back into the habit of working out early in the morning so that I always have my evening free (aside from plans other than working out) – though my warm bed always wins in the morning. That being said, I’m not going to beat myself up about it because fortunately I have the opportunity of going for “runchtime” or working out in the evening. No matter what, I know I can get a work out in if I simply carve out the time for it!

On that note, carving the time for your health is especially important during the holiday time. Life gets busy, there’s lots of tempting goodies around, and it can be SO easy to just say, “Oh I’ll work out tomorrow.” Or, “I will eat healthy tomorrow.” Take it one day at a time and stay active! It’s #MerryFitmas after all.

Well, short and sweet for tonight. I hope you all have a great evening!

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