Sooo HELLO December!


Oh, December.

The month of Christmas, holiday spirit, indulgent food, time with family & the good ol’ Victoria’s Secret show on TV (if you watch).

It is also a time for counting down the days until Christmas, which may or may not include some type of advent calendar if you are into that sorta thing! Ryan came home from the store last week with two Lindt advent calendars in tow. Bless his soul for putting up with my annoying Christmas excitement – starting at the beginning of November. However, we don’t have our tree up yet so that has to count for something! I told Ryan the other night that I would like to put up our fake tree until we get a real one (I think that’s the route we are going this year). That idea was quickly axed, though. Womp womp : (

BUT! That’s okay. I have plenty of other things to occupy myself with before it comes time to (FINALLY) decorate the tree. I mentioned last night that this weekend will be super busy, so I have that to look forward to, plus it’ll be a juggling act to fit all my workouts and whatnot in during the holiday time. Oh well. Gotta make it work, right?

On that note, #MerryFitmas is still going strong. Today will be a bit funky in terms of fitting in a work out due to puppy class right after work & then racing home for dinner, though I know that I can manage my time and fit something in. Something is better than nothing, after all. Even if it’s a YouTube work out video, a short 20 minute run, or strength training in your living room, all of these will add up to big results in the end so long as you are consistent and pair it with healthy food choices. Fitness during the holidays doesn’t have to be hard! It is as hard (or as easy) as you make it.


Also, check out this super cute tea advent calendar. My mom popped into my work last weekend with this cute homemade advent calendar. Now today I can finally start drinking these teas! There are so many that I haven’t heard of and tons of new flavours to try, so I am excited to get started. Both Ryan and myself have been drinking tea every night this week. It’s just become our thing where we put on a movie and pop on the couch after dinner with a big cup of tea.

Off to eat breakfast and make some coffee! I am so excited that we are getting so close  to the weekend. I need some more sleep in my life right now!

Have a great day!

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