Wishing You a Merry Christmas! The End of Fitmas

Good afternoon!

So technically this is Friday’s post since I wanted to update you all on #MerryFitmas. That being said, today is the official end of #MerryFitmas, so bring on the wine!

Just kidding, just kidding. Although I did have some Bailey’s in my coffee this morning ; ) Anyone else a fan?

Without waiting any longer, here are my results from the #MerryFitmas challenge. I did my final measure yesterday, and below I will post the total inches lost from each body part, followed by a grand total:

Thighs: 1
Lower abs: 1.75
Waist: 1.5
Bust: 2 (bye boobs)
Hips: .5

Total: 6.75 inches

November 19th (Day 1) to December 24th

Not too shabby! I’m sure if my diet was cleaner last week then I would’ve had a better measure-in, but honestly, who cares? Not going to beat myself up about it. The holidays only come once a year, after all!

And so to treat myself a little bit today, I got my brows done (much needed) and my nails done, too! It has been over a year since I got gel nails, so it’ll take some getting used to. Although, I did successfully take out the garbage and do laundry without snapping one off, so hooray for winning.

Yep, not a super fesitive colour but I wanted something that would be dark enough to not blend in but have some kind of colour. There were so many options to choose from that it was almost overwhelming! Before I had my brows/nails done I jumped on the treadmill for a run. I figured it was best to get some activity in before all the festivities start! I completed 11.5km and the longer run was much needed! I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow with lots of friends and family : )

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy lots of good food and tasty drinks. Christmas calories don’t count! ; )

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