6KM Before Sunrise + Facing Hills & Challenges

Hey, hey, party people.

Who is ready to party? It’s Friday Eve!

No partying going down for me. I mean, unless you count drinking peppermint tea on the couch with your dog partying, then yes, yes I will be partaking in the festivities. That being said, we are getting together with friends on Saturday night which I am looking forward to! Not so much of a party, but it’ll be a good time for sure. Oh, and sleeping in on Sunday. Ooh, sleeping in, how I love thee.

BUT. I also kind of love waking up early. I know I have talked about that before, but it’s true. There is something about the early morning where you can fit in so many things and start your day on a productive note. For me, that meant waking up at 5:40am yesterday to work out, that way I didn’t have to do it after work. When the work day is over, it’s nice to go home and simply relax. And eat dinner. It’s the little things in life.

Anyway, I wanted to recap my run from yesterday. When I woke up at the ass crack of dawn I did not feel into it. I pressed snooze, rolled into bed, then proceeded to knock everything off my side table in my groggy, barely awake state. My water bottle and all the other odds & ends I keep on there came crashing to the ground, and I sprang up out of bed. Okay, so that was kind of like a second alarm. I crawled back into bed. “Oh, I think I have to pee.” Does this happen to anyone else!? Now I was up, wide awake, and I had no excuse not to go run.

So, next thing I knew I was pulling on my new insulated running tights, putting my pullover on and slappin’ a hat on my head. One shoe, two shoe, out the door I went.

Originally I started this run without a plan. I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal ; ) I did my go-to 5km loop, then decided to go up a long hill that has quite a steep decline on the other side. There’s something so rewarding about a hill. Am I crazy to say that? As much as I dislike them (while thinking about them), they really aren’t that bad once you have come out on top. Coming up against a hill during your run is kind of a metaphor for facing challenges in life. You just do it. You do the damn thing and make it work. There’s no secret to it. If you are consistent enough, those challenges and hills get easier. On the other hand, if you never train for hills or never train your brain to be mentally tough when you face an obstacle in life (no matter the situation), you will find yourself discouraged. You see, you cannot get better at something unless you practice, and for me I have made it my mission to conquer those hills! In particular, one grueling, long hill that I have to climb before I finally turn right onto my street. I powered up the hill, albeit slowly, but felt such a rush once I was finished. Okay, so that’s done. One stretch to go. And just like that, I was finished and heading back into the house, 36 minutes and 6.5km later before the sun was even up.

Take that, hills! Yes, hills are hard. Hills suck – until you are up and over and coasting on the downhill. I can do hard things! (My mantra for the year)

I hope you guys have a great Thursday filled with good coffee & if you come up against any “hills” today (whether that be literally or figuratively), I hope you think of this post and remember that, you too, can do hard things.

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