A Sunny Saturday + New Reads (Again)

Good morning!

Who is ready for a good day today?

I wanted to share a few tidbits from this past weekend with you guys. As you know, in my last post I chatted about the 8km race I did on Sunday (I use the term “race” loosely as I am not in racing shape right now, har har!), but here’s a few things I wanted to share from Saturday.

It was a beautiful sunny day. That being said, the sun was deceiving (as it tends to be lately) as it was still cold outside! Nala and I got outside in the morning to play in the backyard. By playing I mean me tossing a tennis ball around for her and trying to carefully snap pictures in between. I am still trying to figure out the new camera I purchased, and while it may take me some time to do this, it is always fun to fiddle my way through and get some good shots in the process. Saturday was a rest day for me, though I spent a good chunk of the day walking around the mall and Costco. We were far overdue for a Costco trip, so while Ryan was at work I made my way to Nanaimo. Surprisingly Costco wasn’t as insane as I thought it would be, so that’s always a win!

Another win would be the books that I got (both from Chapters).

In my post about my 2017 resolutions (or GOALS for those who dislike the “R” word), it is a mission of mine to read at least one book per month. There are SO many books to choose from, but as soon as I saw Big Magic I knew it was a sign. I have been looking at this book in every single book store I go to, but for whatever reason never purchased it. However, on Saturday I just had this feeling that I needed it. Obviously something pulled me to it this weekend! If you are a fan of books such as those by Gabrielle Bernstein, Shannon Kaiser, and any spiritual/wellness related books, Big Magic is one to add to the collection. I’m saying this and I haven’t even read it – that’s how you know it’s going to be good! Nevertheless, I have heard amazing things and I am excited to add this to my list. It’ll be up next once I am finished The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein!

The second book is actually a journal. It is a training journal written by Olympic athletes Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas. Inside you will find everything from running workouts, spaces to fill in your goals and reasons why you are setting this goal, and all kinds of tips to keep you running happy, mentally and physically. Of course, there’s tons of space to write in your workouts, and I think this will serve as an amazing tool this year as I train for my first ever marathon on Sunday, October 8th! Plus, I am a huge fan of notebooks and journals. It actually drives Ryan crazy how many random notebooks I have scattered around the house – no, I swear that one is for something ELSE! Girl’s gotta have options, right?

I hope you all enjoy your day! What books are on YOUR must read list? Let me know what you are reading. I would love some more recommendations!  

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