Fit Tip Friday: Round THREE!

Hey, hey, hey!

Friday is here, and that means another round of Fit Tip Friday!

Today’s tip is a simple way to keep you on track: enlist a buddy.

Yep, force your BFF to workout with you. Not only will it be an excuse to go for coffee afterwards, but it’s a great way to sweat with friends! Friends who sweat together stay together, right? Is that a thing? I’m sure it could be a thing!

Whether you try a new fitness class like spinning or bootcamp, go for a run, check out a yoga class, or even just got for a walk together, having a buddy can help keep you accountable. It’s 10x harder to ditch on spin class when you know your friend will be there waiting for you! My sister and I are returning to Fernwood Yoga Den in Victoria in a few weeks to check out a hatha yoga class. We had such a good experience before (or rather, a memorable experience since it was nearly a year ago when we last went!) that we had to make a day trip of our yoga date. Although my sister is not a fan of running like I am, it’s fun to find an exercise to do together that we both enjoy.

If you are interested in reading some more tips on how to stay on track with your health and fitness goals, be sure to check out this post from my Blogtober series.

Short & sweet! I hope you all have a great Friday full of good vibes and good coffee. This weekend I will be going to yoga & running a 10km race on Sunday, so lots of relaxation on Saturday in preparation : ) Until next time!

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