Introducing: Fit Tip Friday


Who is ready to conquer the day?


*Happy dance*

Who else feels like four day work weeks feel just as long as a five day work week? Maybe because the extra day’s work has to be jam packed into less time. Regardless, the weekend is within our grasp and it’s going to be a great day. You will have a great day if you tell yourself you are going to have a great day! <— The power of positive thought.

With that, I wanted to introduce a new series I will be doing on the blog on a weekly basis. If you have been tuning in for a while, you know that I was doing Friday Favourites for the longest time. Truth be told, it is hard thinking of five different things during the week that I have been loving without sharing too many pictures of my dog. She’s cute, but the blog isn’t about her, ya know?

So, I am switching it up with a little fitness tip every Friday. It may be workout related, diet related, wellness related… You just never know until you come to the blog on Friday and see the new tip! ; ) Be sure to share with your friends to spread the fit tip wealth!

For today’s fit tip I am keeping it simple:

Add movement to every day.

Whether this is 10 squats as you are brushing your teeth, a few push ups while you are waiting for the kettle to boil, some leg lifts while the Bodum press of coffee is steeping, or even standing up from your desk at work for a stretch break. The body is meant to MOVE! Moving helps encourage blood flow, and every step and little exercise break adds up to big changes. Plus, who wants to be sitting all day anyway? I know I get a little stir crazy even on a sick day when I have been on the couch for too long. Add some movement wherever you go and your body and mind will thank you for the break!

Friday posts will vary in length, so stay tuned for lots of fit Friday content coming your way! I’m excited to start this little project for you guys. Let me know if there is anything fitness or diet related that you’d like to know about! Happy to share my opinions : )

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