Race Review: Ceevacs Cobble Hill 10km

Good morning!

Monday is here. Oh, how Monday comes way too fast!

This weekend was BUSY. Saturday was jam packed with yoga, a hair appointment, cleaning, laundry – all that adult stuff – and yesterday was a crazy one too! I ran the Cobble Hill 10km race hosted by the Ceevacs running group in my area. The course was on roads that took us along lots of beautiful farm land and woodsy scenery. I am a sucker for these type of runs because there is nothing I love more than because I (not so) secretly want to live in that type of area. One day!

Anyway, let’s get back to the races. This race is part of the Vancouver Island Race Series, like the Harrier’s 8km race that I did a few weeks ago. You can find that race recap here. All the races in the series start at 11am, which is nice as it allows you to sleep in a little longer – or drive to the start if you have to commute. Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed at 8am after laying there scrolling through social media (I know, I know. It goes against my normal morning routine!) I had a good sleep the night before and had my usual pre-race breakfast of oatmeal. The only thing I did differently this race morning was drink bullet proof coffee… Can’t say I will do that again, as I was still quite full when the race started. Nevertheless, I was fueled up and ready to go. Ryan and I packed up the truck, grabbed the dog, and headed out. The start was only about 20 minutes away, so we had plenty of time to grab my race bib and warm up.

Nala was loving the car ride to the start. The thing I didn’t love? It started POURING so hard on the way there. Luckily I brought a thin rain jacket and a hat, which pretty much saved my life out there.

The course had a mix of rolling hills, gradual downhills and flat stretches along the way. Unfortunately, it was really hard for me to find a groove during this run. I just felt off, you know? My hamstrings were sore from a yoga class the day before, but I figured once I was warm it would subside. While it did for the most part, I know I will have to be extra cautious to avoid injury. In addition, I also had a random stomach cramp that hit me just after the half-way mark. I have never gotten a stomach cramp during a run before. Knock on wood that it doesn’t happen again, because that hit me hard and was so uncomfortable to run through. So, I walked for about a minute, then pulled back my pace. I ended up running an 8:58 average mile. No personal best, but not terrible. I would love to do this race against next year and compare my time.

Something we didn’t do that the Harrier’s 8km race was stick around for the awards. Sometimes it’s kind of nice to hang out and celebrate your fellow runners. Plus, it gave me a chance to change out of my soaking wet clothes. Despite having my windbreaker on, I was soaked through to my long sleeve shirt and sports bra. Similarly, my grey pants turned a nice shade of BLACK from the rain. Needless to say I was cold, cold, cold. Thank goodness for bringing a change of clothes! We didn’t stay for all of the awards, but it was nice to see how the age categories are set up. Food for thought, you know? Speaking of food, there was a huge selection of food post-race, such as sandwiches, soup, chili, cookies, protein bar bites, protein shakes, yogurt, candy, and more. I grabbed my usual post-race cookie (and snuck one for Ryan), a chunk of orange, a chocolate protein drink (which I mixed into my coffee for a protein-esque mocha), and a little protein bar bite. This tided me over and the coffee was SO GOOD after being out there in the rain. You should’ve seen my ponytail after. Oh my what a sight! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen it in my story – rat nest city!

A little post race selfie in the car : )  If you are wondering where my hat is from, it is Lululemon from the SeaWheeze half marathon. Love it, and will be wearing it more often. I was never really a hat person until this hat saved my life. <— How dramatic am I, right? LOL.

Hanging out with my number one! Shout out to Ryan for picking up some of my favourite goodies from a local bakery called True Grain. We went there last Sunday for treats, but they were sold out of the ones that we usually like to grab. There is still an almond croissant and a pain au chocolat in the bag waiting for me. Don’t worry. I will share. That’s too much pastry for one girl to handle!

All in all it was a good run despite the downpour and the stomach cramp. Such is life, right? Gotta take each run as it comes and keep PUSHING! “I can do hard things.” Yep!

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