Runch Miles, February Goals & Puppy Snuggles


Good morning!

Tuesday is here, and it’s officially the last day of January. It’s hard to think that the first month of 2017 is already over. I feel like I was just talking about my New Year’s goals yesterday. Nevertheless, a new month is always a nice time to set goals and intentions. In fact, you can do this weekly and reap the benefits of accomplishing everything you set out to do!

For me, my goals for February are to finish another book (currently working on Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert), practice more yoga, run 4 days per week, and be more mindful of my phone use. Does anyone else feel like they get the life sucked out of them simply by being on their phone too much? I have been quite good about putting my phone away when we are with company or doing things like cooking together, hanging with the dog and eating together, but there are so many opportunities during the day to tune out that I would like to take advantage of.

Switching gears now: I wanted to touch on yesterday’s lunch time miles. I was having a DAY yesterday. It seems like every time I got engrossed in my work, I was interrupted and had my attention diverted to another matter. There are some high priority things I am working on professionally (I work full time at a bank) that need my attention, but a problem here, an issue there, and everything else that popped up in between left me feeling so frazzled. When I finally took a step back it was lunch time, and I felt like my pile was growing and growing. So, what did I do? I zipped home, changed into my running gear and headed out on my usual 5km run route. It was one of those days where I desperately needed to get out of my head and into the fresh air. Running is like a moving meditation for me. All of a sudden, I’m heading back into the house with flushed cheeks and a clear mind. Somehow all my thoughts are sorted out, and although I may not have the answers to the problems that pop up during my day, I can get back to the situation with a fresh perspective.


Once I arrived home, Ryan and I checked in with each other and as he got dinner started, I flopped on the bed for a moment. Soon enough, Nala was on the bed too and Ryan snuck this shot of us snuggling. We lay there for a good 15 minutes, my face just nestled into her, before I decided it was time to get into my PJ’s and wash my face. Relaxing is so much easier when you aren’t wearing make up and have your Christmas pajamas on, you know? Dogs have such an amazing intuition too, and I think Nala knew that I needed a cuddle break. I’m not going to go on about my love for this dog, but she is the most amazing thing. Okay, not going to start!

I hope you guys have a good day today. If you are ever having a DAY, remember: it’s okay to step outside for some fresh air! Sometimes taking a step back is all you need to return to your morning, afternoon, whatever, with a clear head. Also recommended: snuggling your dog or cat, hugging someone you love, or having a nap – I love a good nap. Catch ya tomorrow!

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