Running Long + Walking Slow (Saturday Recap)

Good morning!

How was your weekend? Did you guys get up to anything exciting?

Today I wanted to share with you all a little recap from Saturday. Saturday was busy in the morning, relaxing in the afternoon, and FUN in the evening. It was the perfect day, really.

I woke up around 7:15am on Saturday and spent some time lounging in bed with Nala. I had big intentions of waking up, quickly eating something & getting on the road for a run. However, I took the morning a little bit easy and finally got out for my run at 8:30am. Every time I looked outside I would think, “Hmm maybe it’s raining. I should just go on the treadmill.” Though deep down I knew that I truly wanted to get outside and get some air! I thought back to my morning runs earlier in the week and figured it would be way more worthwhile to get it done outside today. Although I am a big treadmill fan (I mean, it is so easy to putter away and zone out watching YouTube), I am trying to get outside more because it has so many mental and physical benefits that the treadmill just doesn’t offer!

That being said, I set out to do 8 miles (13km). I was geared up with my Christmas gloves – I know, I should really get actual running gloves – and hat again. While I never ran in hats before, I must say I am becoming quite the fan! My route took me through residential areas, downtown, then looped back towards my house. There were quite a lot of hills along the way, which I know I will start to feel tomorrow, but it was a nice way to switch it up instead of flat ground. Something about those hills, I tell you. I purposely sought out a hillier route as I did on Wednesday’s run, and I am excited to see how I progress by incorporating more of them into my runs.

I paused to take one picture along the way. Yep, it’s the cow picture up above. I thought about taking a selfie (#runselfie!) but then cars started passing and I was like. Do I really want to be THAT girl taking pictures all red-faced and sweaty on the side of the road? No. These cows look pretty cool, though. So there’s that.

Anyway, I completed my run in an hour and 12 minutes. It’s funny because this pace is quite similar to my 8km pace from the race I did earlier this month. That just goes to show that I can kick things up a notch next time!

Usually my Saturday routine has been a morning run followed by yoga. However, today I felt like kicking back at home and spending some time cleaning up our space. Does anyone else start to go crazy when there’s too many things on the counter, too many dishes in the sink, or pine needles all over the floor!? Yep, stuff like that drives me mad. So, I skipped yoga in favour of cleaning (wow how boring), going on a little adventure to a local park with Nala, and running some errands.

Before our walk Nala and I went to Petsmart, because why not. Nala got a new toy and some new treats, and she even got a treat from one of the store workers. I feel like they do this for every dog, but I’m just telling myself it’s because she was extra good ; ) Our walk was about 40 minutes through the trails, and she loved meeting the other dogs along the way.

That face. I die. I just love her!

That foam at the mouth. Cute, Nala.

We spent the evening with some good friends chatting, having appies, drinking wine, and laughing a lot. It is always fun when we get together, so we were well overdue for a good visit. I didn’t take any pictures because I’m trying to be more present when with family and friends (and less glued to the screen), but trust me when I say it was FUN!

I hope you all had an excellent weekend! I will catch ya guys tomorrow : )

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