Sunday Shopping: Gym Gear Edition!


Well howdy there, friends!

I am back this morning to share some goodies I picked up after my race on Sunday. You can read that recap here to hear about how the race went. In the meantime, I wanted to dive into a mini shopping haul. I have received good feedback about sharing hauls on the blog, so I want to bring more of them to you! Lucky for you guys I love shopping for workout gear – way more than every day clothes! Besides, who says you can’t wear gym gear every day? Athleisure is a thing, after all ; ) That being said, today’s post includes a few items I picked up at some stores that are local to me: Sportchek and Winners. Keep scrolling to see what treasures I found!

I am usually a Lululemon sports bra fan, but I have to admit. I have NOT been diligent about replacing  my sports bras. Gotta keep it fresh for the girls, ya know? Usually I gravitate towards sports bras that have a clasp in the back so it is easier to take off. This one is a little bit tricky to pull over the head, but I must say it passes the jumping-around-the-dressing-room test. Win! It has a nice mesh back which makes it extra breathable, and I am hopeful that it will not chafe as the seams appear to lay flat and are quite smooth. We shall see how it is in action! This is the Adidas SN X Bra 3.

A few weeks ago I went for an insanely cold early morning run. I wish I had these running pants back then, but better late than never! They are almost like a brushed fleece on the inside which makes them super cozy but since it is athletic fabric, it helps wick away sweat and keep you dry. Warm + dry is always a good thing!

I found these pants at Winners for only $19.99! Crazy, right? I was super impressed by the price, especially because they are cute, functional, and pass the squat test. See-through pants ain’t cute!


A little bit of a close up on the detailing on these pants. Not too bright and out there, but not boring either. Win!

Last but not least, I found a pair of casual sneakers. I am so picky about where I purchase my actual running shoes from (I am a specialty running store kinda gal), but these were too cute to pass up. They are comfortable and will look cute paired with some Lululemon Wunder Unders and a cozy sweater. All about that comfort life!

What is your favourite thing to shop for? Any workout gear I NEED to try? Leave a comment & let me know what you are loving!

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