Swampy Superfood Smoothie + Thursday Training


Holy moly I am late on this post.

Yep, didn’t have my act together last night so I hope you don’t mind a few posts back to back! As in, one tonight and one tomorrow morning at the usual time.

Last night we had a celebratory dinner at my mom & dad’s house for my sister, Sarah. Sarah recently accepted a new job and wanted to get everyone together for a little hurrah! It was a great time with good food, a little rose & lots of laughs. Nala had fun playing with their dog, Marley, who I feel secretly loves Nala despite all of her energy. He is super mellow compared to her and would be happy laying on the cozy couch all day. Nala was sufficiently tired when we got home, especially because I zipped home on my lunch break yesterday to take her for a walk. A tired dog is a happy dog!

That being said, I also slept in this morning so didn’t have much time to a) work out this morning or b) write a post, so let’s have a bit of a late catch up from the day, shall we?

This morning I packed up my gym bag and made it my mission to do some strength training after work. While I have a love/hate relationship with working out after the work day (sometimes you feel so drained and tired after the day is done), but I have to say, I never regret working out, no matter what time of day. So, I got my gear on and completed a mixed upper body work out. It was primarily back and biceps, though I did throw some shoulders in there and finished off with abs. Yep, gotta work on that core strength resolution!

A few things from my work out today:

Lat pull downs 3 x 12
Bicep curls on cable machine (rope attachment) 3 x 12
Tricep press-downs on cable machine 3 x 12
Tricep extensions with dumbbells 3 x 12
Single arm rows on cable machine 3 x 12
Shoulder press 15/12/10
{Front shoulder raise 3 x 12
Lateral shoulder raise 3 x 12
Rear-delt flies 3 x 12}

{Do these exercises back to back for the ultimate shoulder burn! Rest only 10 seconds between each exercise, then rest for one minute and do it again. Then do it again. You know, because it’s fun}

I also did some other accessory work. One of these days I may film a work out for you! Depends how camera shy I’m feeling : )

Once I was home from the gym, we made some dinner. Quesadillas were on the menu today, and it consisted of chicken, red and orange peppers, onion & mushrooms cooked in taco seasoning. I used one tortilla, put half of the mixture on the tortilla, sprinkled some Daiya shredded cheese on top (a vegan cheese option – I am not vegan but dairy does not bode well with my digestive system, so girl’s gotta make it work), add a little spinach, and flip when it’s all melty. It hit the spot!

Aaaaand then my sweet tooth hit. I am done with holiday treats now. I have a little bit of chocolate every day it feels like (not a chocolate BAR, but more like a square of chocolate), but I wanted more natural sugars. Something a little more earthy, ya know? Cause I’m into that. So, this is what I concocted:

1 super ripe banana
About 1/2 cup frozen raspberries (add as much as you like!)
A TON of spinach
Chia seeds
LOTS of cinnamon – gotta get those antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in
A small spoonful of coconut oil
Lots of water (or however much you want, depending on the consistency you want)
A splash of almond or cashew milk (I say a splash only because we are running low & I still need some for my coffee tomorrow, so. Use as much as you like!)

Then blend it all up! It will look like swamp water. Sounds appetizing hey?

Nala was concerned about the colour of smoothie and thought I was trying to poison myself, I swear. No, no, just trying to sneak my greens in! You can customize the measurements of this smoothie. I am pretty loose with my “measurements” so just have fun with it and make it your own : )

I hope you all had a great day today! I’m off to finish my peppermint tea and get ready for bed. Chat to you tomorrow!

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