Trying Something New & Paint Night

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Good morning!

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fun and exciting?

Saturday was both busy and relaxing. I had a few plans and things to do, so it meant getting my chores and run in early. Although I still slept in later than usual, I got up, had a little bit to eat and prepared for my long run. I am afraid of running on snow and ice, so I have been taking my long runs inside considering the trail near our house is so slick, and the ice on the sidewalks surrounding our area has yet to melt. SO! This meant hitting the treadmill for my long run. Sometimes running on the treadmill can make you feel as if you are a hamster on a wheel. It’s the same thing over and over, though there’s a few things you can do to switch it up!

For me, switching your speed frequently keeps me mentally engaged. I have to mentally tell myself to pick up the pace otherwise I am going to fly off the treadmill and hit the garage door. Yes, my treadmill is in the garage. Ryan and I have a little plan to switch things up, but more on that later. It’s another one of our many projects. Moreover, I also like to hit the incline button and pretend I am running up hills. On Saturday’s run, I played more with speed and watched some YouTube videos to help the time pass. I completed 8 miles (12.8 km), then headed back inside for some coffee. Coffee is one of those things that I don’t usually drink right before I run (so then I’m not running to the bathroom), unless of course I am running later in the day then I will have my usual morning cuppa joe. So, I was looking forward to a steaming up of coffee after my run.

Now that I don’t work on Saturdays I have the freedom to do whatever I want. Well, most of the time. By this time, my run was done, laundry was done, Nala was playing in the backyard, and I was getting ready to start the day. The beauty of the weekend is that you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to, which is perfect for me because I am such a homebody (almost to a fault), though on Saturday I did something a little bit different. I didn’t hole up at home with a cup of tea and plug out five blog posts in an afternoon. Nope, I went to yoga!

If you read my 2017 New Year, New Goals post, you’ll know that practicing yoga is one of my goals this year. I have done the whole hot yoga thing, which was great for a while, but mentally I need to be able to be still and focus inward without sweating through every pore in my skin. Don’t get me wrong. Hot yoga is wonderful, but I am a huge fan of trying new things. Enter: Harmony Yoga. I had completed a 2-week introduction pass with my sister almost a year ago now, and finally it has made its way back into my life. It is a beautiful studio and I did a fantastic class that focused on your core, hips, and hamstrings. In fact, the class was called “core, hips, and hammies.” I must say, practicing yoga is a great way to kind of let my inner, spiritual hippie side shine through. Maybe it’s a Vancouver Island thing, but it is so nice to reconnect and stretch it out – especially after running 8 miles!

I look forward to many more yoga sessions at Harmony. I purchased a 10 class punch card, so I think it will be a great way to explore more of their classes!

If you are a runner (or an athlete or a health conscious person in general), I highly recommend adding yoga to your routine. It is one of those workouts (if you will) that, while I am laying there in savasana at the end of class, makes me realize how much I truly do love it. Plus, it’s a great mental and physical exercise to add to the routine!

To cap off the evening I went to a wine & paint night event with my mom and sister. It was a great way to spend the night and was FULL of laughs. Amazing how artistic people get after some wine! We went to an actual Paint Nite event about a month back, though the one we attended on Saturday was a fundraising event for the highschool in my hometown. Always important to support your community! I actually quite like my painting so I am thinking I will have to hang it up in the house. Right now it is serving as some decoration on my dresser, but I will have to find a new home for it : )

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Let me know in the comments what YOU did!

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