Big Intentions


Good morning!

It’s an extra good morning because the sun is shining, my coffee tastes amazing and I have another day off of work! Gotta love vacation time, right? Especially when it doesn’t dip into the 2017 vacation time ; ) I wanted to give you guys an update as to what has been going on lately during my time off!

I feel like everyone always has such BIG INTENTIONS when they have some extra time to spend, whether it be vacation time (that is spent at home) or a long weekend. For me, I was thinking about how I could watch all the Harry Potter movies again, read a book, write ALL the blog posts, run ALL THE TIME, visit family and friends (oh, but nobody gets days off during the week), clean out all the bedrooms in the house and purge the extra crap we don’t need/use, etc. etc.

It’s a long list, right? Yeah, not all of it got done. Surprise, surprise.

That being said, I still got shhhtuff done. You know the things you always mean to do during day to day life, but they just sit there and annoy you? For me that is my drawer in the bathroom. It is overflowing with junk that I don’t use, so I finally cleared that out, made some space, and now I feel a lot better. I think physical clutter has such a big impact on the mental clutter we carry around. Do you ever notice how you feel more irritated and frustrated when the house is a mess, and then as soon as your space is tidy it’s almost like a huge sigh of relief? I also cleared out a box of jewelry that was, too, overflowing with necklaces and earrings that have been forgotten. Once I made my way through that, I was feeling extra productive. Try it! Pick one thing in your house to conquer and I can guarantee you will feel much better!

What else, you ask? Cleaning on your days off isn’t super fun. Ryan and I made our way to Victoria on Sunday (post coming tomorrow about that) to do some cruising around and early birthday celebrations… My birthday is tomorrow! I am pretty darn excited. It’s funny because I went to bed last night feeling like it was my birthday the next day, meaning today. Don’t you just love when the celebrations keep on going? It’ll be one of those weeks, I think! Aside from the cleaning and birthday-ing, I also got in some quality runs and of course the poses from my #28daystotransformation yoga challenge. Follow me along on Instagram to check it out! Some of my poses are quite hilarious because a) I am not flexible and b) they are hard given that I am a newbie. It’s all part of learning though, right?



Nala has been loving having her humans home. Well, Ryan home on his normal days off and then me home on Saturday, today & tomorrow this week. We have been playing lots, going for walks, and she has been enjoying a few new toys that were added to her collection. This dog goes through toys so fast. Toys with stuffing inside do not stand a chance, so we have been on the hunt for tough, rubber toys that will last at least more than a day. Fortunately we have a few, so fingers crossed they stand the test of time!

So, what’s the plan for this sunny Tuesday? Go for a run, take the dog for a walk, and a few errands to do. Nothing too crazy! : ) I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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