Double Days + A New Challenge


Good morning, everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. We were hit with SO MUCH SNOW this weekend. Seriously, spring. Will you ever get here!? We were teased with nice weather last week and now it’s like December all over again. This is messing up with my running schedule – insert eye roll here- . I digress.

I wanted to share a bit of a double workout from last week. Working out twice in a day isn’t something I do often, but it’s a nice way to kind of break up a longer run (obviously if you are training for a certain distance it is best to build up to that in one shot as opposed to splitting it in two), or occupy your mind if you are feeling a little scatter brained. Last week felt LONG, until Thursday and Friday came along. Then it was like. Wait a minute, it’s 5:10pm on Friday already and I should be on my way home!? Oh, okay!

So, this is how Thursday went down. I slept in and either had to get a run in during my lunch break or do it all after work. There is something about working out at night that I have a love/hate relationship with. Some days I love it, some days I can’t muster up the energy. That being said, I zipped home at lunch and got in a quick 5km run, then freshened up and headed back to work. On days where I “runch” I eat my lunch in my office, which I understand not everyone can do but it definitely is helpful to stave off that hangry feeling! Thursday’s run started off feeling hard. I couldn’t find a good rhythm with my stride, my core felt unstable and a little all over the place (like that awkward slouchy feeling), and mentally I was thinking about calling it quits and heading back home. It was cold, I was a bit hungry, and oh my gosh the wind!! Then, as I was running along a slight uphill, something changed and I found my groove. Pace wise it was actually one of the best 5km runs that I have had in a while, and mentally it was a lesson in practicing positive self-talk and NOT letting myself quit. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t quit!



The second part of my workout was done after the work day. While it would’ve been easier to just go home and flick on Netflix, I originally had a goal of doing 10km when I went to bed Wednesday night. And then life happens and you just gotta deal with it. Once I arrived at the gym, I completed another 5km on the treadmill and an upper body workout. Yep, back on that strength training game! It felt good to lift some weights again. While I don’t do anything crazy in the gym (nor do I lift super heavy, just what is challenging for me), being back in that environment was good motivation to continue. Plus, I bought a gym membership so I might as well use it, you know? Until I get a home gym that’s what I’ll do ; ) Ha ha ha one day! All in all, I completed my goal of 10km and squeezed in an upper body work out – AND got pictures printed for my sister’s birthday gift AND came home to make dinner. Winning!

Also, if you are wondering about the first picture I posted up there, that was Thursday’s #28daystotransformation challenge pose. I have never done a yoga challenge, let alone posting the pose daily on Instagram, so I figured I would take part in it. My local yoga studio (Harmony Yoga) is hosting the challenge with so many other lovely sponsors, and it is for the month of February. I am excited to try something new! You can follow me along on Instagram here!

See you guys tomorrow!

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