Fit Tip Friday: Round EIGHT!

Good morning everyone!

And what a lovely morning it is. You know why? Because it is Fri-YAY!

Today’s #FitTipFriday is short and simple: SNACK SMART at work!

Yep. We all love to snack, right? However, it’s absolutely imperative  that the snacks we are noshing on throughout the day will nourish our bodies and keep us fueled, not crashing in the afternoon.

For me, my favourite snack go-tos are nuts like almonds or cashews, apples or oranges, veggies like carrot sticks, cucumbers, and bell peppers, hard boiled eggs, and homemade granola bars or energy bites. I am big on ingredients, so it’s important that if you are purchasing granola bars that they are low in things like added sugars or fillers. There are so many unnecessary ingredients in packaged foods, and I would rather make my own to control what is going in there. Does anyone do the same thing? I feel like while there are some decently clean products out there on the market, they can be hard to come by, so oftentimes you may be better off DIY style! Additionally, since I work in an office setting I want snacks that are easy to eat at my desk with minimal clean up required. Preparing my snacks the night before is key to help me feel organized in the morning! Plus, there’s less temptation to go over to the coffee shop next door for a sneaky treat when I have my own snack stash : )

What is your favourite on-the-go snack? I am a big fan of energy bites and apples. I am that girl that always has an “emergency apple” in her purse. What can I say? The hanger can be real sometimes!

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