Fit Tip Friday: Round SEVEN!

Good morning, lovely people! Who else is doing the Fri-YAY dance? This girl is! As of 5 o’clock pm tonight I am officially in holiday mode. I had three days from 2016 vacation time that I didn’t take last year, so I thought I would take them in February to align with my birthday on the 22nd ; )

Today for #FitTipFriday I wanted to chat about switching it up.

Yep, let’s add some spice into our lives, if you will. Maybe you are puttering along in your workout routine just fine, but you’re starting to get a little bored, or perhaps you have reached a plateau and you haven’t seen any changes in your body for a while, despite your efforts of eating well and working out regularly. While there are several things that could contribute to both workout boredom and a plateau, one way to shake things up is by trying something NEW and disrupting your normal workout schedule.

Maybe you LOVE to lift weights and have gotten comfortable in the gym and you are familiar with a number of different exercises. Try upping your weight a little bit more (aka lift heavier, or as much as you can do comfortably), or branching WAY OUT and going to a yoga or spin class instead of your usual gym date. You don’t necessarily have to do this every day, either. For me, I have been incorporating more yoga into my life a few times per week rather than running, running, running, all the time. I have also made more of an effort to strength train at minimum twice per week. This is doable for me and my schedule being that I work full time and also have a dog with exercise needs. On the weekends, to switch things up I will go to yoga, go for a hike or big walk with the dog, or try a new class with a friend. Mixing up your workouts is a great way to not only keep your mind engaged, but it will also have your muscles working in different ways. Yoga forces my body to move laterally, whereas running is a very forward, repetitive movement. You are SURE to feel lots of little muscles you didn’t even know you had by switching up your workouts! This benefits your body so much in that it teaches you to become stronger in those areas you normally don’t focus on.

Although exercising can feel like a chore, we need to switch our mindsets and think about how fortunate we are to GET to go to the gym, how fortunate we are to GET to go outside and run. Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself (or lazy!!) I think to myself, “It is my choice to run. I am lucky enough to be healthy and able to run.” Yesterday I was laying in bed thinking about whether I wanted to hit the gym or not. “Well, if I don’t do it now then I will have to do it after work.” Don’t get me wrong. I like going to the gym after work, but I knew I also wanted to take Nala for a walk right after work while it was still light outside. So, I got my butt up and headed to the gym. I admit: I have been neglecting leg day for a WHILE now, and I decided to switch things up and work outside of my comfort zone. After running 6km, I completed some lower body exercises and I am definitely feeling it today. You know what though? It is a good feeling, because it means I accomplished a great workout, started my day off on a good note, and did something to better my health. That’s all I can ask for! That and lots of coffee when I crash at 3pm because I’ve been up since 5:30am ; )

How are you guys going to switch it up this weekend?

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