Happiness is a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am wishing you all a wonderful day and if you are working, I hope the work day goes by fast.

I wanted to chat about the weekend. In yesterday’s post it was more of a recap of a double workout day on Thursday, so this morning I wanted to touch on what I got up to on Saturday. This weekend was one of those weekends where all the plans I made went down the drain. Although this may sound a bit depressing, it was really okay. I am the kind of person who either gets bummed out OR happy when plans are cancelled (depending on what those plans are, LOL) and this weekend was a mixture of the two. I was sad that the snow cancelled some plans, but happy that I ended up spending most of Saturday with my sister, regardless of those cancelled plans. On Thursday night last week we got a dump of snow, and it snowed right through the weekend. My sister and I originally planned to go to a yoga class in Victoria on Saturday morning, but this plan was derailed due to the snow fall that we got. I know it snows a lot worse in other places, but for someone who does not typically drive in the snow, I didn’t want to be that girl stuck in the ditch. Scary! Plus, when we woke up on Saturday morning the power was out due to the snow. Okay, so no yoga class, and no coffee. What’s a girl to do!? I was a little annoyed at this because, well, I am a huge creature of habit. Typically on a Saturday I go for a long run, do all of my errands, go to a yoga class, and then hang out with Ryan and the dog. However, I could either be down about this change of plans all day, or we could get ready and head into town in search for coffee. We ended up going out for breakfast, wandering a few shops, and going to a local flower store for some DIY bouquets. Flowers are SUCH an easy way to brighten your day, and I highly recommend buying yourself some damn flowers! Don’t wait for someone else to buy them for you. Plus, I got all those flowers and greenery pictured above for $6.16. Yep, pretty good if I say so myself.

While we didn’t make it to a yoga class, I did force my sister to take a picture of me doing Saturday’s #28daystotransformation yoga challenge pose. My hamstrings are probably the most inflexible muscle of my body (other than my brain some days – ha ha ha, I’m so funny), so I am hoping that by incorporating more yoga into my life, it will relieve my hamstring muscles and gradually make them more flexible. Maybe I’m not the most graceful yogi out there, but at least I am making an effort! Look at that cheesy grin ; )

Oh, and another way to turn a day around? Turn on your pink Himalayan salt lamp. I finally bought a new bulb for this so now I can have happy vibes all day long. It is probably a placebo type of thing, but the warm glow is super relaxing, especially paired with a cup of peppermint tea and your laptop for blogging. Can you tell that’s what I’m doing as I type this? : ) Salt lamps are said to clean and deodorize the air, reduce asthma symptoms, and increase energy levels. all thanks to the negative ions emitted from the lamp. Plus it makes for some nice decor!

Do you have a salt lamp at home? What are some ways YOU turn a blue day around?

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