It’s Time to Set Your Soul on FIRE!


Good morning!

Half way through the work week and then a long weekend. Who has big plans? Not this girl! Yahoo ; ) Ryan and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day a bit early on Sunday, but other than that there will be a lot of running and yoga-ing and forcing Nala to take pictures with me. Hey, at least I’m smiling big enough for the both of us (picture evidence below).

I wanted to chat about a few things this morning that I have been thinking about a lot lately. What do YOU do during your day to day life that sets your soul on fire, or makes you feel alive? What do you completely get lost in while you’re doing it, to the point where you almost zone out because you are so into the task or activity? What do you look forward to doing? Think about it for a minute. We will revisit this in a minute.

For those who have found it in their careers, GREAT! That’s fantastic. For me, I do a lot of my “soul on fire” activities outside of my 9-5. These are things/activities like anything and everything wellness, nutrition and fitness trends, workouts, anything running related, yoga, spending time outdoors, reading, blogging, writing and journaling, learning about topics that interest me, spending time with family, playing with my dog, spending time with Ryan, etc. These activities allow me to just be myself – my true, authentic self, no matter how silly or goofy that is, because all of these activities make me feel ALIVE. What better than to find something (or someone) you love that makes you feel this way?

Now, write down some things that make you feel alive and compare it to the routines in your daily life. Do you love being active, but most of your day is spent being sedentary? Do you love solving problems, but your day is all about paperwork and the usual work routine? My point here is it’s time to fit in more of the activities on your LOVE list into your daily life. I try to do this by carving out extra time to exercise – yep, even if that’s on my lunch break at work – because I know my mind and body will feel so much better once I included some movement into my day. Additionally, blogging has been a great way to fuel my creative side. I truly do love coming up with content to put on my little corner of the Internet here. It is a fun way to share my experiences with you guys, especially as my life and routines change. There is something about this blog that remains a constant in my life, and I know that I can just get lost in thought typing away to you guys. Call it crazy, but it can definitely be therapeutic!



While we still have lots of snow, on Sunday I made the effort to include some activities that fuel my fire. This meant setting an alarm so I could go to the gym, get in a run on the treadmill (I am not a fan of running in the snow as it gets icy fast!!) and a bit of an upper body workout at the gym. Yes, I do have a treadmill, but I didn’t think our renter would appreciate me running at 8am on a Sunday. I like to think I am more polite than that. I was finished in an hour, came home to make coffee and a green smoothie, do some laundry, clean the bathroom, and then head back into town for a 10:45am yoga class. This class was much needed, both mentally and physically! After my little funky mood on Saturday, getting that time on the mat was a great way to re-centre myself and recover after my run.

Oh, another good way to recover after an active morning? BRUNCH! I love me some brunch. Ryan was up and roaming the house when I got home, and he offered to make us breakfast. I requested some veggies with my meal. Surprise, surprise. So, he whipped up two over easy eggs on some whole wheat bread from our local market (sooo good, and this is coming from someone who is not a regular bread eater), and lots of green veggies. Yup, just the way I like it! It was filling, delicious, and full of nutrients to keep me fueled through the rest of the day. Can’t beat that! Spending quality time like this together also sets my soul on fire, and seeing Nala’s little face staring up at me from her spot on the floor just melts my heart. I am truly grateful for my lil’ fam jam!



I urge you all to do something today that makes you feel alive, whether that is taking some time to yourself or even just stepping outside for a deep breath of fresh air. Treating yourself with kindness is so important, and by incorporating more activities that set your soul on fire, you’ll notice that your happiness bucket keeps getting fuller and fuller!

Until next time, friends! : )

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