New Reads + Office Decluttering

One of the shelves that houses some books, pictures, and the newest addition: this cute little air plant I received from my sister as part of my birthday gift!

Good morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Did you catch my sneaky bonus post on Saturday? Scroll down below to see it. It’s all about how to show up for yourself. I did lots of showing up for myself this weekend, including a pedicure, some yoga, and taking a walk with Ryan and the dog. I also de-cluttered our “home office” space (aka, the spare room with no bed and we have no idea what to call it, so office it is) which not only made the room feel so much more fresh, but it made my mind feel fresh as well!

A tidy space is a tidy mind : )

I took a few snapshots of what the space looks like. There isn’t much in the room other than my desk, an exercise ball, a chair, a bookshelf, Simba’s food bowls and a clothing steamer. So, if you were looking for a huge home decor post with luxury furniture and art, I’m afraid this isn’t the post for you ; ) However, maybe you can take away the big message her: TIDY UP!

This shelf showcases my most recent running medals, a stack of my favourite books, and my 3rd place award from my bikini competition in 2015. Wow, crazy to think that was TWO years ago already!

We also had Nala’s old dog crate and a box with some puppy gates in this room as well. Oh, and our Christmas decorations. So, I got to work and put them away in our shed, gave the carpet a good vacuum wiped down my desk so it was sparkling clean. There is something so therapeutic about decluttering and organizing!

The desk is actually one Ryan found online second-hand. I remember being away at Brownie camp that weekend and coming home to a new (to me) desk that I could then make my own. I sanded it down and painted it a sleek white, then replaced the old knobs with these copper ones to finish it off. The chair is also second hand, and while I haven’t gotten around to reupholstering it (will I ever?) it does the trick and adds a nice vintage feel. I like things to be bright and airy, and so far this space is coming along to my vision!

Now, let’s touch on a new read I received for my birthday. Thank you, Sarah! I had sent her a picture of this book (hint, hint) and then forgot about it after – until I opened it on my birthday! Yesterday morning, whilst drinking my coffee & eating pancakes, I finished my book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. While I do enjoy these self-help/new age type of books – they make you think and look at things with a different perspective – I’m looking forward to getting lost in a new story. I have heard nothing but good reviews about The Woman in Cabin 10. It is supposed to be a thriller type of story, similar to The Girl on the Train in a way. That type of twisty-and-turny book. Neverthless, I am eager to start reading. Before sitting down to type up this blog post I read about a paragraph from it and my eyes were almost bulging out of my head. Yup, it’s gonna be a good one!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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