No Gym? No Problem! At Home Full Body Work Out


Okay, so if you currently have snow everywhere right now it can be hard to get outside for a workout, let alone hard to drive to the gym with all the snow and ice on the roads. On Tuesday morning I looked outside and thought to myself, is the gym going to be open? They close during bad weather, and since it was so early, I was hesitant about making the drive there only to find out they are closed. You see, the gym opens at 6am, and usually I am there RIGHT when it opens, otherwise I have to wait until 6am to call and see if they are open, which then cuts down on my workout time after driving there. Because you guys care about that ; ) Haha, Anyway! Tuesday morning I knew that going to the gym early was not going to happen, so I got creative and improvised a little bit. You gotta work with what you have! Plus, I was feeling a little bloated after the pizza and cookies for dinner on Monday night. Yup. That happened. I am human!

Needless to say, after that indulgent evening I was craving a good sweat. So, I grabbed my dumbbells (the only equipment you need!) and got to work.



30 Minute Total Body Workout:

12 Bicep Curls

12 Shoulder Presses

12 Lunges (on each leg)

12 Squats

10 Tricep Kickbacks

12 Bent-over Rows

12 Deadlifts (keep your knees soft, not locked)

12 Front Shoulder Raises

12 Lateral Shoulder Raises (to the side)

12 Glute Bridges (laying on your back with knees pointed to the air, lift your hips up towards the ceiling)

25 Oblique crunches (same position as the glute bridge, then reach to your right heel, then to the left heel. That’s one rep)

Repeat that a total of three times!

Now there’s no excuse not to get a work out in ; ) See ya tomorrow for Fit Tip Friday!

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