10 Facts About Healthy Living Holly

Hey, hey, friends!

How’s everyone doing? What’s happening today? Anything fun planned on this wild Tuesday?

I wanted to do a lil somethin’ somethin’ different here on the blog this morning. You guys know how I like to mix it up! Today I am sharing with you ten facts about ME – you know, Healthy Living Holly ; ) They are a little all over the place, and maybe you will learn something new about me today!

1. I LOVE to run. I have been running for about seven years now, and I started by walk/running on the treadmill that my parents bought, gradually building up so I could run a little more and walk a little less. In those seven years I have run countless miles, and it wasn’t until around 2010 that I completed my first race (which was a local 5km that raised money for the MS Society). I ran my first half marathon in 2012 and have been hooked on long distance running ever since. This fall I will be conquering the beast itself: the full marathon!

2. I am actually an introvert at heart. I used to think I was so extroverted in high school, but looking back on my journey and thinking about my life today, I am totally that person who loves to be around people but also needs time on my own to recharge. This is why I like having my Saturdays off to just be with myself, and my dog of course! I find it hard to put myself out there in social situations, especially if I do not know anyone, but for some reason I have no problem doing that on the blog. Huh! : )

3. As much as I love coffee, I actually only drink about one cup per day. I fill my travel mug for work around 7:45am and most days it is not gone until noon, sometimes lunch time! I enjoy all kinds of tea, and lately I have been loving matcha lattes to switch up my beverage game.

4. I am a fan of all kinds of music, with the exception of heavy metal and opera. I have been super into bossanova and jazz music while I am blogging away. Give me some bossanova, a candle, and a matcha latte on a Saturday afternoon and I will blog until my heart’s content.

5. My dog is probably my best friend. Yeah, so is my sister, and Ryan, and my parents, and my friends, but I never realized how much I can love something until Nala came into our lives. She is the biggest sweetheart, my favourite walking buddy (sorry Ryan… And everyone else) and knows when you need a good snuggle.

6. Back in elementary school when my mom had a daycare I was convinced that I would never, EVER have children. Obviously my love for kids as grown since then, and I look forward to the day where we start our family. NOT YET, for anyone who is wondering. If my mom is reading this she’s probably rolling her eyes at me, because I always have the same answer for her. “Be patient!”

7. My favourite seasons are fall and spring, because those are the best running seasons, obviously. I like summer running, but only if it’s not blistering hot. I’m so picky, I know.

8. I went to school for fashion merchandising and marketing, and now my 9-5 is in banking. Way different, but it just goes to show that although you may go to school for one thing, the reality may be very different!

9. I had crazy body image issues when I was in highschool and leading up to my first (and only) bikini competition in 2015. Now I have let that go, which is for the best mentally and physically. That’s a long time to not give yourself the love you deserve! Love yourself NOW, as you are, and love yourself enough to make positive changes in your life!

10. I make my bed every single day and I feel incomplete if I don’t. OMG I’m crying at how small Nala is in that picture. She is now SEVENTY SEVEN POUNDS. Shit girl. You still cute though.

What’s ONE random fact about YOU!? Comment down below!

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