Bazan Bay 5km Race Recap + I Had Company

Happy Monday!

I am back on the blog this morning with a race recap of the Bazan Bay 5km run. It is part of the Vancouver Island Race series and takes place in Sidney, BC. The race is a super scenic out & back course that runs along the water. I can imagine this being so stunning in the SUNSHINE, but we were blessed with slushy rain and snow Saturday night. Don’t get me wrong. It was still a beautiful course, but of course you can’t control the weather! Weather aside, the course was pretty, flat and fast, and we did have some sunshine heading back to the finish line.


This race was a cold one. Fortunately I had my gloves, a long sleeve tech shirt and the new running pullover I purchased over the weekend. More on that to come. I should have picked up one of those headbands that covers your ears, but nevertheless, I’m happy I at least had a few layers! It is so hard to tell what the weather is going to be like, especially if you are traveling. We drove about an hour and 10 minutes, and fortunately the snow had cleared up once we got there. Slush, yes, but as long as the snow doesn’t stick then I am happy!

Usually Ryan drives up with me to my races, but this time was different. He ran. Yep, my non-running boyfriend was toeing the line with me on Sunday morning. At least we were freezing together! He said he had some nerves going into the race, which is understandable since he had never completed a race prior to this, but he was willing to give it a shot.



Ryan was geared up with his Under Armour pull over, a Lululemon shirt underneath, and some Diadora running shorts and his Asic running shoes. You know, in case you wanted an outfit rundown ; )



The obligatory start line picture! Ready to rock the race. There were no headphones allowed at this race since the road was partially left open to traffic, so I chatted his ear off during the run, and told him that he was leading the way. My legs were still quite sore from Saturday’s 14.5km run, so I was more than willing to stick with him and let him dictate the pace.

The icing on the cake? We both won a placing in our age categories! It was kind of funny to me because I was not racing whatsoever. Now that I am up an age category (wah wah wah I am now in the 25-29 category. I know, stop whining, Holly) I am in a different pack of runners. I still placed 6th despite “not racing,” and Ryan placed 7th in his age group! For someone who doesn’t run, I am so proud of him for pushing himself to completing the race, let alone placing in his first race. This run was definitely not about me or my time or pushing my limits. It was about showing up not only for myself, but for my partner who always, always, always shows up at every finish line for me : )



I am definitely looking forward to doing this race again next year! We will see how far I can push the pace & how well I can place next year. Maybe Ryan and I will be neck and neck for the overall – LOL I am hilarious, but really, I look forward to more runs together!

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