Fit Tip Friday: Round NINE!

Friday, Friday! Who else is excited for the weekend? I probably say that on every #FitTipFriday post but it is true : ) I am a big lover of Fridays.

I’m also a big lover of  smoothies. Yep, even in the winter time I love smoothies for a super quick breakfast or a post-workout snack. They are convenient to take on the go, and you can customize them to your liking. Smoothies are a great way to pack in a ton of nutrients that you may not get during your breakfast otherwise. On the other hand, you can add supplements like protein powder or maca powder (for that extra energy boost) after a hard workout. Nevertheless, they are a nice addition to your usual food regime, and they don’t take much work at all. There’s nothing I despise more than having to clean pots, pans, cutting boards, mixing bowls, whatever. I mean, there’s a dishwasher for that, yes, but I’d much prefer to blend and go <— Yep, that means keeping it in the blender container.

My smoothies have a few things in common: a healthy fat, some kind of fruit, GREENS!, cinnamon, and some type of supplementary nutrition powder, and cashew milk (or almond milk). For example: raspberries and half a banana (for extra sweetness, fibre & potassium), coconut oil, cinnamon, a spirulina/chlorella blend, and cashew milk. Blend, blend, blend, and enjoy!

OH! Sugar craving after dinner? Or when you are Netflixin’? Smoothie time. I personally have a HUGE sweet tooth in the evening time, and smoothies have been a good way to get my sweet fix without dipping into the bag of chocolate chips in the pantry. I mean, you can add cocoa powder or chocolate protein powder to your smoothie if you really want to feel like you’re indulging. The options are endless!

Simple, but delicious! Let me know what your favourite smoothie combo is down below : ) I’d love to get some new combos to try!

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