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Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a favourites post, so I thought I would bring it back this month and share with you things that I have been loving – or at least using a lot – for the month of March. March flew by and pretty much every weekend was filled with at least one outing or family get together to attend, with the exception of one weekend. To say I savoured it would be an understatement. Anyone else a homebody at heart!?

Now, without waiting, here are my March favourites!

I have been loving these Honeystinger energy gels for my long runs, especially this month. In February I was trying to use some gels I had stashed away, but I have found that the Honeystinger gels sit better in my stomach and do not cause me any cramping or tummy troubles. The fruit smoothie and acai pomegranate flavours are sweet without being sickly sweet, and there is no weird after taste in your mouth after taking these. Win!

Spring has finally sprung. It seems like our winter carried far longer into March than it usually does. I mean that weather wise, not in the actual calendar sense since I am well aware that Spring isn’t until March anyway ; ) You know what I mean. The blue skies and sunshine is a welcome change!

Of course running with Ryan was one of my favourite things this month. He completed his first ever 5km race at the Bazan Bay 5km on March 5th, not to mention he placed in his age group! It was a great route – nice and flat – and although the weather wasn’t too kind to us, I still felt so proud as we crossed the finish line together.

These three products were featured in my wellness favourites post. They are tried and true, and I find myself reaching for them almost daily (aside from the nail treatment, which is more like once a week).

I have been loving my rose quartz bracelet and this other wood and gem stone bracelet I won from the yoga challenge I participated in back in February. This Saje spray is something I don’t exactly use for yoga, despite the fact that it is a yoga mist. I spray this on my face almost like a toner before I go to bed, or I spritz some on my pillow.

If you are looking for a new read, I highly recommend The Woman in Cabin 10. It is a little slow moving at first, but towards the latter-half of the book it definitely picks up and keeps you guessing – who is the woman in Cabin 10? It is described as a thriller, which I can see how it can be described that way, but it’s not SCARY by any means. That being said, it is a good read if you are on the hunt for a new story to get lost in. Oh, and I am loving this new tropical plant I picked up from Home Depot a few weeks ago ; ) Gotta have some greenery.

It is no surprise that I am a candle lover. This one by Siren (found at Winners/Home Sense) is my current favourite. It is a little fruity, but nothing overbearing and it doesn’t make my eyes feel all itchy and watery from too many synthetic fragrances. I also have another one in the “sea glass” scent and that one is lovely too, but more of a summer scent!

For my birthday I was gifted these cute succulent planters and the plants. Although my birthday was in February, I still love these so much!

Okay so this isn’t so much that Nala is a March favourite – I mean, she’s my favourite dog all the time, but I wanted to add this picture since I have been playing around with more settings on my camera like manual focusing, aperture, and all the other settings this camera has. There are SO many, and while it will take me time to master them, I do enjoy using Nala as my photography model. Whether she likes it or not, who knows.

My go to weekend snack: coconut yogurt bowls with the BEST homemade granola, ever. Yogurt bowls are super easy to customize depending on the ingredients you have on hand.

For an easy on the go snack, these coconut energy bites have been a saviour. They are sweetened with dates and good quality maple syrup – no artificial sweeteners here! You can find the recipe here. They are perfect post workout for a quick boost of carbohydrates, or pack them with you to work and you are good to go!

I am an oatmeal girl at heart, but this month I have been loving eggs. Usually on the weekends eggs are my go to breakfast (or lunch), but I found myself this month gravitating towards eggs before work. My body must be craving savoury foods over sweet lately, but then again it all depends on the day. Sometimes you just need a warm bowl of oats, but eggs are a great way to switch things up. Plus, you can add tons of veggies to ’em!

On the running front things have been going great, partially because I am being diligent about documenting my workouts in this journal. It keeps me organized, and it allows me to plan my weekly mileage ahead of time and jot down any goals I may have. Since I have been consistently building my base over the winter (which will help once I am in the thick of my marathon training,) having a journal to help me log the miles will keep me on track!

What have you been loving this month!?

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