My Top 10 Wellness HACKS!

Happy Friday, friends!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my wellness hacks. They are nothing too crazy or woo-woo (as much as I love that stuff), and you can easily add them into your own routine. Most of the things on the list are my tried and true favourite “hacks” to make me feel better and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

My Top 10 Wellness Hacks:

  1. Lemon Water – Love lemon water for waking up in the morning and getting my digestive system ramped up. Lemon is so detoxifying and is a gentle way to get things moving, if you know what I mean. Plus, it adds some great flavor to otherwise boring water and has tons of antioxidants and minerals.
  2. Peppermint Tea – If you read this post you will know that I am a huge peppermint tea fan. Now I have discovered an Egyptian licorice mint tea from Yogi and it is my JAM. It is slightly sweet but has that nice, smooth peppermint taste as well. Peppermint is great at de-bloating and relaxing, so I often pour a cup before bed and it helps lull me to sleep.

3. Sneaky Greens – I will put greens in everything. Smoothies, sauces, sautéed and as a side with my dinner, scrambled in with my eggs… If I can put greens in it, I probably will! I like baby kale and spinach, but sometimes I will switch it up with greens like chard, beet greens, curly kale, spring mix, etc. I am a big salad lover for lunches (everything but the kitchen sink will do!) and it’s a great way to get lots of veggies in.

4. Peppermint essential oil – This is magic. I sprinkle it on my pillow before I go to bed at night (and on Ryan’s pillow, hehe) and I am out like a light. Peppermint is so soothing and calming for the nervous system, and it helps my body drift off to sleep.

5. Movement – You guys know I am a mover. I get stir crazy from sitting for too long, so it’s important for me to start my day with movement to ensure I get a workout in. This varies from running (I’m training for my first full marathon so the basis of my training is running) to yoga on the weekends and a bit of strength training mixed in. It is imperative to make time for yourself and your HEALTH, so getting it in first thing in the morning before the work day is the way I find fits best with my schedule.

6. Epsom salt baths – Love me a good soak in the tub. It is so worthwhile to have a bath with Epsom salts as it helps relieve sore muscles and has tons of mental health benefits like calming your mind, relaxing your body, and giving yourself some well-needed me time! I like to add essential oils and maybe a bath bomb to my tub as well. Throw on some jazz, light a candle, read a good book & have a cup of tea – blissful!

7. Face masks – I do a face mask once a week. If I do more, then great, if not, then at least I’ve had one pampering session! Throwing a face mask on is super easy, too. You don’t have to go all out and give yourself a facial or spend tons of money on face products. I buy a box of sheet masks from Winners or the drugstore for under $10 and it lasts me at least a month or more! There’s also so many DIY face mask ideas online, so you can customize a mask to your liking.

8. Going outside – I did a post about getting outside a few months back and I still think that being outdoors is one of the best things you can do for your mood. Plus, in the sunnier months you get a healthy dose of Vitamin D for skin health. My favourite ways to get outside are taking day trips to new-to-me places, walking with Nala & Ryan, running, hiking, etc!

9. Journal – You can easily jot down ideas to remember for a later date, journal about your day, log your miles/workouts/food if you are into that, or just set daily (or weekly or monthly) intentions. I have a journal called 52 weeks to happy and every week you journal about the prompt it gives you, though you can use a regular notebook. Oftentimes I keep a separate notebook for all of my blogging ideas, just to keep things more organized. Writing in a journal can be so beneficial in that it helps you keep track of your progress and can document your journey.

10. Reading – This is along the lines of journaling, but it is a great way to get outside of yourself and step into another world. I learn so much by reading, and I love it! Sometimes I may want to read an autobiography, or I will read Harry Potter, a thriller novel, a self-help type book, a spirituality book… The list goes on and is a great way to feel inspired!

What are YOUR top three wellness hacks? Share in the comments below!

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