Saturday Strolls + Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Monday!

A fresh week is here, and so is my recap of the weekend. Well, Saturday anyway. Since Ryan works on Saturdays and I am off, it’s a day where I can either get a ton done by myself or nothing at all, whichever I feel like. I am the type of person who gets a little stir crazy when I’m not doing something, so my Saturdays are generally a mix of super productive in the morning/afternoon and more relaxed once Ryan gets home around 4pm. It’s great to have that combination.

The day started off how every Saturday morning does around here. Ryan was up and getting ready for work, and then the bedroom door opened and Nala jumped on the bed. I had hit snooze several times, although I was kind of at that point where I was 25% drowsy and 75% awake, ya feel? Saturdays are typically my long run days, and what I have been doing is waking up, having a small bowl of cereal to get some quick carbs into my system, and I drink about a half cup of coffee in the morning. This is something reserved for weekends only, as during the week I just want to get up, get dressed, and get my run on, without the coffee before. I covered 8 miles (or 12km) and then came back inside for a post-run smoothie consisting of banana, blueberries, cashew milk, lots of greens, chia seeds, maca powder, and a chlorella/spirulina powder blend for an extra boost of antioxidants and greens. The true star powder in this smoothie is maca, as it is energizing and has tons of other benefits, without adding more coffee coffee coffee! into your routine.

I did a bit of quick foam rolling while drinking my smoothie, then put my jacket and other runners on to take Nala out on the trail. By this time she was waiting by the door whining. As soon as she sees the leash in hand she’s on her way to the door! We live close by to the Trans Canada trail which is a great walk, and a bonus today: SUNSHINE! It totally felt like spring on this walk with the sun shining through the trees and the birds chirping.

Nala and I covered 5km, then came home cause you know, I was hungry again.

It doesn’t look pretty, but it tasted great!

Two over easy eggs, Daiya dairy free cheese, reduced sugar ketchup and tons of greens wilted down. It hit the spot – at least for a little while! I had some serious RUNger today. My trick for fueling up for my run: eat enough that I am feeling energized, but not enough where I am bloated, full, or tired. Plus after running 12km, you can understand the need to recharge. After running some errands in town like buying some house plants (because you know, that’s necessary) and getting cat food <— The ONLY thing I bought at PetSmart. Usually I buy Nala something every time I go there, but I held back. Plus, I couldn’t justify spending $20 on a toy that Nala will destroy. Fluff is a no go with this gal! Anyway, after all of the errands I came back home and made a shhhhnack.

I recreated my coconut yogurt bowl with homemade granola, minus the banana and a matcha latte. Matcha lattes are my Saturday thang!

Other Saturday activities included: blogging, cleaning the bathroom & the floors in the house, laundry, and date night! Always nice to get out of the house every once and a while, no matter how much I grumble about having “too much on the go.” I am such a hermit, lol!

I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend and I will chat with ya tomorrow! : )

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