The Best Treadmill Set Up + Easy Wednesday Dinner

Good morning! Happy Friday Eve!

Check out that cool treadmill set up above, hey? I am loving it!

Here’s a back story. Our treadmill was in our garage for the last two years, so in crappy weather I could go downstairs and get my run on. However, we have a lady who rents our basement suite and while she was so easy going, I would feel bad running and being disruptive, despite her saying it was okay & that she really didn’t mind. I just felt as if I was imposing, so I would carefully plan any treadmill running around her schedule to ensure I wasn’t making too much noise. Ryan and I had been chatting a little bit about using our shed as a treadmill area, since we have enough room for the treadmill and our stuff, which is stored on the shed’s shelves. So, I came home from work on Monday (OHH I was having a day!!! Needless to say I was grumpy, exhausted, and all around cranky) to find Ryan cleaning out the shed to move the treadmill in. Additionally, we also had a spare TV in the house (thanks to getting a “new” one from a family friend who was moving) that he was setting up in the shed. This was amazing! So, we spent the evening setting everything up and now I have the best treadmill space ever. I mean, who doesn’t want to watch TV while they run? Or stream YouTube videos to the TV when they run instead of looking at their tiny little phone screen? <— Seriously, I would do this to pass the time on the ol’ treadmill.

Yesterday morning I got in 5 early miles (or 8km) before the work day began. You know, in my sweet little treadmill space ; ) There’s me in all my post-run sweaty crazy hair glory. Goooooooood morning! The run went by quickly and I alternated with some speed at the end for a fast finish. I followed it up with some stretching, then headed inside the house to get ready for the day! I’m looking forward to more early runs. Fortunately the weather is getting better outside, but for now, I will skip the dark, dreary, rainy mornings (and lately snowy mornings) and hiberate in my new digs until the better weather comes.

And voila. Here was our easy dinner from last night. In the cold months I tend to crave warm dishes, and it had been a while since we had regular pasta. Black bean pasta a few weeks ago, yes. Zoo-noodles for lunch yesterday, yes. But not good ol’ fashioned durum whole wheat pasta. We mixed some of this roasted garlic & onion tomato sauce with some leftover basil pesto we had in the fridge, and the combination was delicious! I added some greens to mine, and Ryan cooked spicy sausage meat for his. Top it with parmesan cheese & you’re done!

So creative, right? Well, I am going to be getting more creative thanks to this new cook book!

I have heard such good things about Run Fast Eat Slow, and I am eager to test out new recipes. I will share them on the blog as I go, so look forward to that! I found this at my local bookstore, though it is available pretty much everywhere.

With that, it is time to get myself ready for the day. I hope you all enjoy your Thursday & I will chat with ya tomorrow!

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