The Final Fit Tip Friday: Round 10 – All About SUGAR!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Yes, you read the title right. This is going to be the final round of #FitTipFriday – on the blog, anyway! If you follow me on Twitter I will post a fitness/health/wellness related tip every Friday, but I wanted to get back into the routine of sharing my life with you guys on Fridays with the usual info-posts thrown in the mix as well. We have done 10 weeks of #FitTipFridays, and I hope you have found the information useful if not a little bit helpful!

For the last edition of #FitTipFriday I wanted to chat about… SUGAR!

We all love sugar. I know I do, especially candy. However, I am much better about my little candy habit and do not eat it nearly as much as I used to. *Cough* When I was living in Vancouver (2012) and walked by a gas station every morning and every night to and from school/work. I have now learned that sugar gives me MASSIVE headaches, and I wake up in the morning almost feeling hungover from whatever sugar-laden thing I have eaten the night before. Similarly, there are tons of foods out there that, if you made them yourself you probably wouldn’t add sugar, but have sugar anyway. This is why reading food labels is so important! If sugar is in the first four ingredients, that is usually a no from me.

Here is why too much sugar is no bueno for our body. Disclaimer: This is pertaining to processed sugars

Are you a sugar lover? How do YOU beat sugar cravings?

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