Weekly Run Recap & Laughing at Myself

Good morning! How’s the week going so far? We are officially half way through. For whatever reason yesterday I got this sudden feeling that it was Thursday. Does anyone else have this happen to them? I am at least always one day ahead of myself – not sure if that is good or bad.

One thing that IS good has been my running schedule lately. I have finally found a routine that works for me – on the running front. Strength training and cross training wise, not so much. Still workin’ on those. However, I wanted to share with you guys what last week looked like in terms of running in case you were wondering. “Yeah, we know that you run, Holly. But how much do you actually run?”

Well, let’s get down to it! All of this is straight from my running journal, word for word ; )

This week’s focus: Nutrition, core work
The strongest parts of your preparation: Sleep, hydration, consistency

Monday: 5.1 miles – After work tempo miles and running faster to get the legs moving quick. Stretched & foam rolled.

Tuesday: 7.1 miles – Early AM miles, gradually getting faster. Legs felt good, took a bit to loosen up. Stretched & foam rolled after + FR in evening.

Wednesday: 8.3 miles – Early AM TM miles, kept it super easy as legs were a bit sore! Quick FR/stretch after.

Thursday: 6.4 miles – Early miles, took a while for legs to warm up but went by fast. Stretched & foam rolled after.

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 9.2 miles – 9:18/mile pace. Felt super strong. Coffee this morning had me in the bathroom 3x before starting. Awful! 20 minutes strength training, FR and stretching.

Sunday: Rest day!

Total mileage: 36.1 miles

Rundown: Slacked on core, did it once. Nutrition not on point. Too many cookies, but other meals were healthy. Felt good this week w/ higher mileage.

I am literally laughing at my Saturday recap. A little bit of oversharing on the bathroom front, but hey. Not ever run can be sunshine and rainbows ; ) Or, the beginning of the run, rather. Sometimes duty calls! I’m sure any other runners reading this can identify. Or those who frequent the loo. I mean, you gotta laugh at yourself, right?

ANYWAY, moving on from that. Below is the journal I have been logging all of my workouts in. I love it! More to come on this on Friday ; )

This week my run goal is 37 miles. Little by little I am bumping up my mileage. The general rule of thumb is to increase your long run by a mile (or 10 minutes) each week, with a “cut back” week every 4 weeks, depending on your goal. This allows you to gradually build up your distance and endurance injury free, of course assuming that you do post-run recovery tricks like stretching and foam rolling, for example. That part has become part of my routine. As soon as I am done my run, I head for my foam roller and immediately roll out my hamstrings. I almost feel weird if I don’t do it! That being said, I have also been getting massage therapy since I do have some tightness in my legs that will need to be worked out over time. I’m hoping that the combination of massage, stretching, foam rolling, and epsom salt baths will help the ol’ body stay healthy and recover from hard runs quickly!

This week I am hoping to get some quality strength training workouts in and hopefully even a yoga class on the weekend. It’s been a minute since I’ve been in the studio, so I think my body could benefit from it big time! I do have a massage therapy appointment this afternoon which will be amazing, and then after work my parents are coming over to hang out & have a pizza night before my mom goes for a girl’s weekend in Whistler. Maybe she can pack me in her suitcase : )

Have a fantastic day, everyone! See ya tomorrow!

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