Wine Not Wednesday + Workout Wednesday


Good morning everyone : ) How’s the week going so far?

I wanted to recap a bit of my week. It has been insanely busy at work with things going well and other things going sideways. Yesterday was one of those DAYS. You know those days. We all have them, and yesterday was it for me. That being said, I did get in a good run before the work day began. It’s funny because my alarm went off early, and I turned it off and put another alarm on to ring an hour later. As I lay there in bed, I was thinking about how much I didn’t want to go to the gym or go out for a run after the work day. So, the next thing I knew I was pulling on my running gear and heading out the door.

I did my usual 4 mile route, then came home to foam roll and stretch. I went into this run with no expectations. Last week I did ALL of my runs on the treadmill. Yes, it gets boring. Yes, I watch a lot of YouTube. However, it was so nice to have a break in all of this snow and awful winter weather we seem to have been hit with lately, so I took advantage of it. There is one big, long hill climb on my way home, and surprisingly that was my fastest mile. Here are my splits:

Mile 1 – 9:20
Mile 2 – 9:13
Mile 3 – 9:13
Mile 4 – 8:40

Average pace: 9:10

I’ll take it!


At lunch time Ryan & I were texting about my day, and I think he could tell I wasn’t in the brightest of spirits, because he came home from work with this baby. He knows me so well ; )

Then, after dinner we baked some cookies and watched trashy TV, because how else is one supposed to spend their Wednesday night!?

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday. It is a new day today, and I’ve got my coffee & I’m ready to go!

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