5 Life Lessons Running Taught Me

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all having a good week so far. It has been busy for me despite the impromptu rest day on Monday, but now we are back to my regular running schedule and gearing up for the Times Colonist 10K on April 30th! It’ll be a fun run, and I am not going into it with any big expectations. Sometimes it’s just fun to be there on race day and soak up all the good energy!

Today I wanted to do a post and share with you the five life lessons running has taught me. I have been running for about seven years now, and although I am still young (and therefor so is my relationship with running), I think I have learned a lot in those seven years!

1. You have to allow yourself to be flexible, whether this is physically flexible and incorporating yoga or stretching into your life OR re-arranging your schedule as needed, running has taught me 97% of the time, things don’t always go as planned. Therefor we need to be flexible and roll with it. Foam rolling is optional – but highly recommended!

2. Out with the old, in with the new. Running has taught me to clear space for things in my life, whether it’s getting rid of old, worn out runners for a shiny new pair, or cleaning my space and de-junking. This can apply to your thoughts, too. Out with the old “I can’t do that” attitude, and in with the new “I can CRUSH that!” attitude.

3. Running has taught me to be strong. I never regret it when I run, but I always regret when I don’t. It has strengthened my mind, my body, my heart, my desire to want more out of life – the list goes on. It has also taught me that incorporating strength work is so important to go faster and further with a healthy, able body. When things get hard, I don’t give up. I push harder, because the hard miles and hard workouts will ultimately make me stronger. “I can do hard things!”

4. Running has taught me that it is a great activity to do solo, but it is also fun to experience with someone else. Isn’t life the same way? Yeah, my life would still be awesome if I was on my own. I can keep myself entertained – hell, that’s why my days off go by so fast because I’m constantly GO GO GOING! However, it is even better with my partner in crime by my side, and racing with him in March was the icing on the cake!

5. Running has taught me to step outside of my comfort zones. Comfort zones are safe. They are the tried and true ways where we know what the outcome will be. However, running has taught me that you can’t always play it safe or play it easy. Sometimes you gotta pick up the pace and give it your all. You have to step outside of your box to grow, and to grasp other opportunities out there. For instance, signing up for my first full marathon is a HUGE step outside of my comfort zone, but you know what? I can do hard things, and I will crush it : )

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