So, today it ends.

My coffee free week, that is. Seven days without coffee went by surprisingly fast! Nothing life changing happened. I have no big news or realizations to report. Sure, I felt less jittery in the morning, but when you cut coffee out you end up replacing it with something else. For me, that was black tea and homemade matcha lattes.

Day one wasn’t bad. I had some earl grey tea with cashew milk and went about my daily business. The second day, however, was probably the “worst” day of the coffee free week. My headache was real, and it lasted throughout the whole day it felt like! Saturday and Sunday was okay, although I must say I did miss sitting down with my coffee after Saturday’s long run, and I missed sitting down for breakfast with Ryan on Sunday morning equally as much.

While going coffee free was fine and all, it made me think about things that can impact our health and the way our bodies and brains function during the day. For me, I perform best on whole foods, and yes, that does include coffee (and some wine here and there, too!). However, I noticed that during my coffee free experiment I was also more conscious about my sugar intake. I feel like I am aware of this on a daily basis as I try my best to refrain from processed sugars, though I AM a human (believe it or not with my zero flaws and Olympic running abilities – joking for those who couldn’t catch that) and I do treat myself occasionally. One thing I wanted to note that it was probably added sugar that was giving me headaches – not the coffee itself. We shall see how this next week goes on that front!

Making tweaks and changes to your diet doesn’t have to be drastic. A little less of this, a little less of that, and more whole foods will all help your body function better. It’s funny, because when I was younger I would eat whatever the hell I wanted with no regard to the health properties it did or did not contain. Now that I am older (25 is pretty much 100 these days), I feel like I am more aware and more educated in the world of health. Of course, this is partly my own research and partly trial and error from these little “experiments” I do on myself. Disclaimer: I would not put my health in jeopardy for an “experiment” so don’t think that I’m just some human guinea pig who will go to some crazy extremes just for the sake of trying it. I mean, I’m crazy but NOT that crazy.

With that, I am off to have my first cuppa java since last Wednesday. It is my FRIDAY today, and I couldn’t be more excited for four whole days! That means I can catch up on all the coffee I missed drinking last week ; ) Joking, joking! Have a great day, everyone!

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