Coffee Free, So Far + Saturday Recap

So, today is day 5 of no coffee.

How am I feeling so far? Honestly, not too different. I haven’t cut out caffeine completely from my diet, just coffee itself, as I was finding myself feeling jittery with a pounding headache after I drank my one travel mug of coffee in the morning. While the change isn’t drastic, I have noticed a slight reduction in my headaches. However, I had the worst headache on Friday morning and it lasted almost until lunch time. That being said, I am looking forward to having a cup of coffee later on this week. I was having bullet proof coffee a few times last week (prior to the coffee free post) which wasn’t too bad on the headache front. So, we will see what Thursday brings as that’ll be my first day back on the java!

What I have been loving this week is tea, of course, and matcha lattes. Generally matcha lattes are reserved for Saturdays. I don’t know why, but there’s something about an afternoon matcha latte on the weekend that just feels so right. If you haven’t jumped on the matcha train, I highly recommend that you do so! There’s so many benefits and antioxidants in matcha, and I feel it gives me the same boost as coffee without the headache or jitters. Damn. Too bad I like the taste of coffee, otherwise I’d be a matcha gal every day!

I enjoyed a homemade matcha latte with my post-run breakfast. So, this week wasn’t the BEST with running. Taking Monday off threw me for a loop, and then I slept in on Wednesday which made the after-work run unavoidable. I don’t mind running after the work day, but I like starting my day knowing that I’ve already checked a few things off my to do list – my run being one of them.

Anyway, this run was pretty good. Nothing too exciting to report. Next week is a new week, and I will be planning out the miles in my journal to ensure I have a GOAL for the week (something I did not have last week!) and a plan of action to reach that goal. I am insane about my training journal, I swear. I will even write things like “took an epsom salt bath” in there just to remind myself of all the little self care and recovery things I’ve done during the week. Hey, they all add up!

As usual I’m on an egg kick after my weekend runs. It’s usually pretty similar: a bunch of veggies sauteed in coconut oil (you can heat it to a super high temperature without it going rancid like olive oil) with two over easy eggs. Today I added on some leftover avocado we had on hand and called it DONE. Easy peasy.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. Well, productive and relaxed, I would say. I gathered my tax stuff together so I can get that done next week (yahoo, so much fun!) and did a couple loads of laundry, cleaned the floors, vacuumed the bedrooms, and chilled out with a face mask and some earl grey tea. Easy weekends are the ones I love most! Does anyone else love when they don’t have any plans? Guilty of that!


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! What is ONE fun thing you did this weekend?

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