Good Runs vs Bad Runs

Hey, hey, hey!

How’s everyone doing this fine morning? I am officially TAPERING this week.

What is tapering? Tapering is decreasing your mileage before a race. This Sunday, April 30th I will be running the Times Colonist 10K race in Victoria, BC. The best part? I will be running with the Lululemon Victoria team, and I could not be more excited! You bet I will be recapping that next Monday on the blog ; )

Last week was my highest weekly mileage so far in my training cycle. Although I haven’t officially started marathon training, I am approaching it FAST! I ran a total of 42 miles which is 67.5km. How am I feeling this week?

Meh. Good. Nothing too exciting to report. I think the BIGGEST difference between this week and last week was my mindset. While I did have some great runs (I will get into that in a moment), I was dealing with some tooth sensitivity last week (it’s still hanging around and my appointment isn’t until May 12th!) which made hydrating extremely hard. Cold food are no bueno for my tooth right now, and as someone who drinks close to 3-4 litres of water per day, you can bet I was dragging my ass towards the end of the week for the simple fact that I was feeling dehydrated and sluggish. Water TRULY does the body and mind wonders!

Best run last week? MONDAY, since it was the BOSTON MARATHON! Here’s little excerpts from my training journal:

Monday, April 17th: “Mid-morning miles, day off work. 9:32/mile. Boston Marathon Day!! So inspiring to watch. I will be there one day!” <— Powerful!

Wednesday’s run = not so hot.

Thursday’s run = better!

So good I had to take TWO pictures for Instagram. Technically I took three, but the third was me flopped down on the bed holding the number seven in the air because I was just tired at that point.

Despite the tiredness, I felt GREAT after this run. The workout was 2 mile warm up, 1 mile faster, 3 miles at goal marathon pace, 1 mile cool down. I foam rolled and stretched after, and in the evening after work I snuck in a 20 minute full body strength training workout.

Friday was lovely because it was a REST day. It was much needed, especially after the hard workout on Thursday. Friday was when I really felt dehydrated, and that carried into my long run on Saturday. Oh, the long run.

I generally LOVE my Saturday long runs. They are so meditative and I can work out any “problems” that have been nagging in the back of my head. However, my 10 mile long run over the weekend was hard. I don’t mean hard in that I was running FAST, I was pushing myself super hard – none of that. It was a challenge because my body was sore from Thursday’s workout + strength training, and I was dehydrated and woke up with a headache. The first 5-6 miles draaaaaaggggggedddd. It took almost an hour for my legs to finally get with the program. Although this was frustrating, this was a good reminder for me. When your body calls for REST, you REST. When you are dehydrated, you need to hydrate – obviously! And maybe don’t eat half a pint of lactose-free chocolate ice cream before you go to bed because you know that sugar will cause a headache in the morning.

Duh. Sometimes you just need that reminder, I guess.

As you can see, Nala was trying SUPER hard to get in my picture. Surprise. I’m still the star of the show ; )

I’m so funny. That’s a joke, you guys. Nala is the star of my LIFE. Her and Ryan. My lil fam jam.

After my run was completed I followed it up with 30 minutes full body strength training (I’m trying to be better about this. It hurts. I’d rather run) and foam rolling and stretching.

The run down of this week’s running? Not bad, not great. I’m looking forward to a cutback week this week and racing with the Lululemon Victoria team on Sunday! Hooray for new running friends! : )

I hope you all had a great week of workouts, and just a great week in general! Remember that every day is a fresh start. Life is what you make of it, after all.

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